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Last update for (2)Gardens of Adun 1.2 : 2009, 08, 31 23:29
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3525 (2)Gardens of Adun 1.2 96*128frontliner0.4finalground

The map has been rated 49 times and got a total of 18 points

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En Taro Adun! On the temperate great moon Tanaris lies an resort only fit for the Protoss' elite: Gardens of Adun. All exalted or otherwise wealthy Protoss reside here in times of homeworld trouble. Recently an unknown aggressor has settled here and seeks to overthow theelite as we speak. Build a base and rally the Protoss subject to your reign. A war is upon us!
I would like to hear what ppl like or dislike about this map, thank you in advance
I would remove the rased jungle and make the nat a little smaller, but great job so far.
defently not motm material like you uploaded it for, why again its still kinda ugly, and the strait temple lines add to it, also that the temple is the same through out the entire map is boring. high dirt edge is to strait so is even some grass terain. very tight standard 1v1 map i think terran would have a hey day on this map.
Thx for ur comments

semener, i think you have very valid points, but perhaps it would suit you if u would point out something that i done right here haha

i will update the map and take your critizism in consideration

I like the Temple terain, just need some more angles.

Edit: I see u used some of my terain pallete:)
modified by Long
Yeah nice eh? xD

Like i said, i dled it and used the pedestal mostly, very nice features ;p
Middle too tight. Why not reduce some of the size on the outer walls of the main? Imo, it would be more beneficial for balance, as a couple matchups require you to flank the other race.
modified by JungleTerrain
i widened middle greatly and added a raised jungle platform at nats, allowing drops and also narrowing nat at same time.
-Island is too easy to get.
-Too hard 3rd gas to zerg.
-Too much minonlys.
-Too linear.
Siabbo,thanks for ur comments, i will upload my new version soon :)

without good comments it is hard for me to determine what is imba and why
I honestly do not think that this map is worth any further updates. It is ugly, dully linear and shows no signs of a general concept...
modified by Freakling
hey freakling, thanks ;p

im already working on it and have been working on it for a lot this week ;p

i think that I can still improve it.

dont beat me dead ;p
modified by frontliner
modified by frontliner
Comments please... anyone who can tell me they like this? thx
modified by frontliner
Your comment
I honestly do not think that this map is worth any further updates. It is ugly, dully linear and shows no signs of a general concept...
lol VERY BAD MAP :D:D -10
show one of yours, let's laugh together
for something like this, you may want to use space tileset. temple grid spam is not visually appealing, mains are too small and cramped, raised jungle in nat makes imba for terran tank drops.

middle bridge looks cool, however it's functionality is extremely limited. noone is going to want to go through that.

i suggest you read nightmarjoo's guide to mapping on

give this guy a break, he knows how to use scmdraft 2 pretty well and he's just tryin to get better.
i give you credit for trying, however, you should probably read around, watch some replays, and start over.


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