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Last update for (4)Sattarchasm 1.4 : 2009, 03, 10 02:51
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3559 (4)Sattarchasm 1.4 128*128Starparty0.2finalground

The map has been rated 59 times and got a total of 12 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

This is actually an update which is several years old, but i just finnished tweaking it the other day.

* 9min main, 7 nat.
* Smaller mains / removed sight blocking doodads
* Unbuildable cliffs
* Moved 1nat away from cliff a bit
* Inverted two ramps for distance balancing.

The distance from blue to purple main is longer than red to green, but no matter where players start they will always have equal distance to a unused main (i.e in a game red vs blue, red has same distance to purp as blue has to green etc.)
And before the flamestorm comes, i did make a new entry because the old version is a league map.
no offense sp; but i stay by the old one.even if babies cry about small imbas...
but why? The old one clearly was z OP. Statistics of 150 000 games showed that.
This map is really basic. It's almost LT clone, but those bridge exps is new.
it was the concept when this map was made
blue reverse ramp is unnecessary.
you added some modern terrain features.

you should use old style techinques ;)
nice work star party, but i'm still inlove with the original Sattarchasm.

i love oldschool maps =)
i love jamssi comment :D
Jamssi... *sigh*

This map was made back when maps like (2)Coulee were considered "pro". Nowadays, people are so starved for innovation, that they forget what makes a starcraft map good. At the time that this map was made, there were very few people who could implement a solid rotational. Starparty was making "pretty maps" in a time where "pretty" wasn't a necessity; he just happened to be really good at it, and we all loved him for it. When I look at this map, I don't see a standard, I see a standard setter. If Starparty had just released Sattarchasm to the world today, I would still have fallen in love with it the same way I did years ago. To me, that counts for a lot more than crazy innovation.
One word: LT clone! Oh, wait, that was two, or three?

Looks pretty tight.
your mum is tight
(sorry, nightmarjoo is a little inactive and someone has to write this)
sattarchasm clone!

to quote what I said on tl:
"Aren't the mains too big and not positionally equal? I always liked this map, but if you really wanted to perfect the map for this age I think you'd have to remake it from scratch, testbug style :O"
hmm that could actually be kinda fun
i don't wanna spoil the party sp,but don't u think u put too much effort in a map that already is a legend?

ok, if this is what u want... my standpoint is not far from arden's;the original version is so unique in all it's aspects so that none of the tiny flaws in it can rly hurt it.
modified by Grief_Stricken
rebuilt from scratch. Necessary or not, atleast i had fun making it.

Old version:

modified by Starparty
I'm concerned there's a lot of wasted space (I can get into specifics if you want), and that perhaps the 3rd gas expos deviate too much from the original concept?

I like the changes in the nats/min onlys though. Perhaps you could enlarge the nat cliffs a little bit though, to put them nearer to the minerals so more stuff can be harassed/more units can harass from the cliff.
i know u partly refer to the cliffs around the mains. i kinda figured they could be safe air transport routes. the 3gas bridges were widened so slightly complicate terran 4base-1defence gaming, which is also the reason i made the cliffs notably less valuable than they were before. But atm they might actually simpl be useless´, i dont know.. Its just that muta harrasment today seems to be a bit more op than i remember it in my glory days so i wanted the mineral line further away from the cliff.
besides, using every part of a 128 128 map basically makes it too big for 2 players imo. "Wasted space" is a quite subjective thing anyway. I know exactly what you mean by it, i see it myself in many maps. But i dont get that feeling from this version.

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