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Last update for (2)Jungleized : 2009, 03, 23 13:01
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3575 (2)Jungleized 128*128Safety.0.1betaground

The map has been rated 54 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Corner expo w/ a mineral(8) the middle is clear for battles (but i think it is tight because of the temples)
3rd gas expo a little far?
too much expo/minerals?

Any suggestions?
modified by safety.
Natural is imbalanced. Remember that gas issue doesn't matter outside the mains. What I mean by this is that Red's natural gas safer than Blue's natural gas(from mutaharrass).

-It looks as if the natural expansion don't fully defend the ramp leading into the main, which encourages run-bys a lot.
-PvZ FE might be kind of awkward, referring to pylon/forge/gateway setup, but I wouldn't know for sure.
-I would recommend removing the temples in the middle, but it might cause pathing to be too linear, thus helping terran a lot more in what seems to me to be a terran favoring map already.
So should put the gas of nat down instead of up?

And i will change the mineral block to a neutral buidling and put in the temples

so any more suggesstions....
Put a little + details and the map is OK , as 4 balances I'm not sure, I think P < T because of that ramp so close 2 the expo can tanks hit directly from the high ground? If so Terran will have a major advantage vs all the races.
Hmm, i see what you are talking about, so you want me to take that ramp away?
Yes I think Its the best Idea , but U don't have 2 take the whole high ground away let me explain if u want 2 conserve It I suggest u make the ramp facing the expansion bigger than the one facing the outside sow that way taking hold of It will be harder 4 the attacker(If u do that tho another problem will arise the terran will still dominate because then they will be able 2 turtle and be defensive and win,in P vs T , sow yea taking ramp of probably the best idea)

A couple of more tips : Make the 2 ramps of the main high dirt nearest to starting points bigger every cm counts!A contain there will be hard 2 break , and last tip get some mud going on in those low ground gas expos makes map look cooler :)

how to make a neutral buidling so i can block on the cliff?
Nevermind i got it
Ok i edited it, i will make the ruins look a little better but im showing what i edited so far

i will put a neutral building soon
Ok ur doing ok but get mud going on in ur first expo , fix the ramp T>>>> , and get neutral building going on its not hard.(And doodads)
I got the neutral buidling on but its not showing on the map? anything wrong?

i used units sprites for the neutral
Yes, what map editor u using? An easy solution 4 u will be to dl a map from this site that has the building u want and then copy past ur map it is going 2 be a sprite(I would recommend scmdraft2 ) :)
I did use SCMDRAFT2
and ill try to copy/paste to see if works
It aint working :(
i dont see the resemblence except the locations , and i didnt try to copy, i didnt even no about a map like that
Map is too squareish imo. And awkward feeling, and linear. And I don't really see any concept here. If you wanted to make a standard map, why not make it more standard, so you can focus on execution more?

Mostly, I don't think it's possible to make a good 128x128 (2)map. I think that's too big, makes the map too spread out I think.

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