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Last update for (2)The Thunder : 2009, 04, 09 02:00
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3587 (2)The Thunder 128*96[K]ingS0.3betaground

The map has been rated 48 times and got a total of 12 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Hi guys, this is my very first map, so please don't be mean ;).

I started out with something simple, not a complicated map.

This might be different because you get two free expansion, and one being very secured. I did this because I wanted a little difference in the map. It is kind of like Nemesis.
I think the second gas expansion is a little tight, don't you think?
Island expansion at 12:00, with a mineral in the way.
Seven mineral expansion around 11:30 and 1:30, you can block with a barrack or gateway, etc.
There is suppose to be a Neutral building (Xel Naga Temple) where 8 and 4 is, but the picture isn't showing. There is also a Creep Colony at 6:00, I put that because it seems like you can get 2 gas expansion quickly IMO.

Tell me what you think, but I only do this not to make a perfect map, but to be a better map maker.

In case anyone is wondering, (probably not) it took me about two months, since I'm a newbie, and trying to perfect it. I looked at a lot of Space Terrain maps and the comments to try to make the best map I possibly can.
modified by [K]ingS
modified by [K]ingS
I like it , the idea is cool but I think its TERRAN favored tho.Because they can secure 4 expos relatively easy ,and 4 base Terran can do sow much.
Also they can put some gay tanks from outside your base and snip at your mains buildings.T>P , but
T vs Z looks like fun.
So what can I do to make it UnTerran favor?
Please, anyone help?

How to make it more Protoss favor and less Terran?
Please, anyone help?

How to make it more Protoss favor and less Terran.
Put doodads in the outside of the base sow T cant kill ur buildings, at least.
What about the expansion?
And switch the positions of the minerals sow that they are closer to the middle , and that way they are more drop or muta harassable. Because note that all first 3 expos (Also main) are next to the wall ,end of the map which will make it almost impossible to go mutas or rever (almost impossible very large disadvantage.
So i change the 2nd gas expo in the midle?
Yes , change the mins not the map. And you could even change the mains mins 2 but with a goo room fore turrets I would recommend the space of a barracks or a little bit +
And then map will be cool.
Ok, I changed the Mineral for main so it could be bigger.
I changed the second gas expo down, or you think it will be better if it was more mid?
Added more doodads

And again you can't see the Neutral Buildings.
No man not that expo!
Your main! put the mins and gas closer to the middle ,in the edge , and do same to your first gas expo 2!!

modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
Okay, I changed the gas expo more closer. Thats what you wanted?

and i didnt understand the changing the main gas. did you mean by putting more mid and up or more mid and down?

and i changed the 2nd gas expo so there can be harasses.
LOL man I cant believe it. You got it wrong its not write. I would do it 4 u but Im not in my cpu.
Ok you have fixed 2c the wrong expo tell me if your main gives you your first gas what is your more logical second gas?
And the main I did not mean move it like that.
Ok last time if you dont get it this time il stop trying and if u let me edit the map In the way it should.
Ok do u know the map python? Now look at the expos 1 o'clock and 7 o'clock copy that Idea!
In the main.
And then we will deal with second gas.
Um..can you do it for me :)
pass is sademan
modified by [k]ings
OK il do it 4 u as soon as i get in my cpu 3 days :)
Ok man here you go I edited it give me your thoughts do u like it?
This will even things out I think.
I moved the mains mins , and I arranged the nat expo(2nd gas)
Thanks man , and can u tell me how u make the netural buidlings show on the jepg?
I use smdraft 2 and put save image , then I open the file with photoescape(Its a picture edit program) and the image already has the buildings, then I re size it and save it as a jepg.
How do u get ur pic?
i download the scmdraftjpeg, then i open it up and activvate it. computer/starcraft/maps/etc right click my map and the options will say 'make jpeg' and yea.

this way is little bit simple but kinda sucks, cause it shows boxes as start locations (which i think looks ugly) and doesnt show the buidlings.
Use SCMDraft 2, save image, resize, resave as PNG with some sort of image program. And don't get it from here, because the version here it outdated.

Resize program:

And there are a number of image programs to resave with such as Paint.NET and Irfanview.
Yeah i know no how to make the picutre better by saving the map and saving image from scmdraft and opening picture/viewer, copying the picture, and pasting it on 'paint' then i click save as and post it.

I also added two ramps on the 2nd gas expo.
modified by [k]ingS

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