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Last update for (4)Gurwaii : 2005, 11, 17 22:31
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
359 (4)Gurwaii 128*128trcc1.5final

The map has been rated 48 times and got a total of 70 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

looks pretty solid. I don't really like the mineral blocking though.
I think that all those gas expansions could be a bit devastating if zerg takes them. Think about making a min only.
Perhaps this map really just would benefit from being unoriginal. I dont like the mineral thingy either. I dont like the backdoor sieging at all. IMO make it a normal central powermap and id really like it alot.
! i made a lot of changes.. Hope you like it more this way than before, no more mineral blocking, a biggere center with flanking room, a natural with close mineal and a vulnerable gas position, But you can have another gas expo in the corners which is easy to defend. Reduced main bases, added water in middle, redone all the doodads, and a lot of textures.. I also added a second ramp, but it's broken so it's just artistic :P ( you can always use it to exemple scout you ennemy on the cliff or, put some tanks ( they can't kill main CC, of course )
I like it better now. And i really like these "peeking points", thats kinda interesting :) feels like "scouting for noobs", like a small help, thats really cool. i miss min-onlys here, but i have no idea where you could add them and still have a balanced map.

I just feel a bit uncomfortable with these gas expansions, BUT, if you'd change them to min-only, i'd write the exact same sentence.

Have to live with it i think ;) the look of the map itself is fine, well done!
The placement of your natural expansions look like trouble for passing units.

The useless ramps are quite funny though-_-;
Ok, i tryed to change the nat placement, also fixed minor things, added 1 mineral patch to main and reduce the nat to 6..... better?


isnt two gases so close too good for terran or are they less than 5k?
and hmmm i dont really like those exessive ramps could bring "valleypush" sorta things and all sorts of gayness.
Instead of having the 2nd gas on the safe side, i put it further than normally, and i also reduced the gas to 2500, what do you think? I added a new screenshot too, with significant beauty
Really looks good, but the mineral placement of the expansions near the edges is odd. Units don't recognize that minerals are terrain, the treat them as units, and walk into them, as the walk into buildings as well.

So top left or bottom right i.e. the units would walk into the minerals, get stuck and turn around. Most extreme thing is top right, they would walk behind the minerals and then walk up again... quite annoying. You could easily fix that if you'd place the minerals near the mapedge so that the units easily can cut the corners.
its a very nice map... but there is one thing i dislike... the cc for 2nd nat has to be placed directly on the way (thats a thing i never like on any maps)

but good work anyways ;)
You never walk past or into the corner expansions unless you want to attack, defend or take them anyway. So I don't really see a problem there.
Ok, i changed the mineral placement of the 2nd gas expo, ( corner expand ). I tested it and yes, it was %"/%"?"?$/ unit AI soo..... :P I also fixed other thing such as the red base had his gas siegeable
I really like it better now, but i've got another thing, which is a bit new to me. The map looks a bit Terran favouring, even with the big wide middle.

The thing is, the ways to the expansions are all narrow. So Terran can kill those expos well with just a few units, especially in late game. It might be a bit imbalanced if the game takes more than 15 minutes imo. But, i'm just guessing though ;)

That should be tested with some games on this map, maybe i'm just wrong ;)
i yust wanna know wtf are those second ramps??
That's the part of the map I like really most!

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