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Last update for (4)Fleur-De-Lis : 2009, 05, 20 20:44
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3654 (4)Fleur-De-Lis 128*128sTY_leZerG-eX0.5betaground

The map has been rated 76 times and got a total of 39 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

!!!!!!!NO PATH ISSUE !!!!!!!
I put un walkable terrain where the blue sprites r.(The map Is still not finished deco Is still 2 come)

About the map :

Your choke Is very close 2 the main think katrina tipe of choke but the ramp Is smaller and closer.
There Is 1 + sprite (ling prof) In main 2 make choke smaller ,Terran can block with 1 depo and a rax.

As u can see the nats have 2 gas , but I dont think this will be over powered because It Is very harrassable u can drop tanks , lurkers , High temps and be a pain In the ass.(even do It frome the high outpost)

Now the middle Is 1 of the most interesting things about this map , there Is ramps every where ,flanking will be very fun , and the fight 4 the high ground will be crucial.

I also put some doodads In the high dirt so that building pylons and turrets will be a bit harder.

The semi rectangle u see In the middle is a bridge.

Give me ur thoughts and enjoy :)
modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
Are the stone doodads those ones which block sight?
O yes forgot 2 mention that they r.

Looks pretty interesting, I might have to play it and see how this works out but the ramps look very confusing thinking that the fact it looks like mud but I guess you can get used to it.
Yes I know what u mean but In scmdraft2 It looks so less confusing than In the picture , and In the game Its much , much better (Except 4 the doodad thing)

I actually was like wtf when I saw the pic lol

(Tank holes and doodads bit + deco Is yet 2 come)
modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
The main looks small IMO
Did you happen to do that on purpose?
if both of the gasses are 5000 i think you should lower the amount though
What's the point of all those neutral crystals?
Stone doodads [SC1] = Trees [SC2] (mm)
I have played the game , the mains are perfect size , I know they look a bit 2 small In pic but they r good promise.

The point of the crystals Is to block reed my first comment , Im going to lower the amount of crystals In the main to 2 and dad deco and doodads In the next edit.(there is ugly un walkable terrain under them so there wont be path issue)

Fix that hole at 6 and 12, it looks like a tank can go in.

And won't you think it's better if you added another expo at 3 and 9 (6 min/1 gas)
modified by coV
O man that tank hole a doodad will go there among other places , I also considered the expo when I was making my map I chose not to put It but Il think about It.
O and the middle , I 4got 2 mention I made It with all those up and down ramps because , It appears that its the new way 2 go.(This Is what the map Is all about battles In this map will be a beauty In any mach up I think)
Yeah, these days, most of the maps have been ramp ground to high or high to ground with wide ramps.

Can't wait 'till this is all better.

And another question, when you remove the Crystals, don't you get in the area where the Crystals were?
O yes but Il put some doodads and 1 crystal , I have already done It but Im still not finished with everything

Ok finished !

Up dates:

-Removed 3 of the crystals blocking In the nat , added some doodads to block (Still no path issue)

-Terran wall In now takes 1 Rax and 2 depos (It gets completely ceald l,ing prove If done correctly)

-The nat expo that contains 2 gassier's , but each 1 was lowered to 3500 that means 7000 In base total , remember this base Is tankable , lurker and H.Temp harassable all from the high ground.

-Added 4 small little expos , each has 3 min paches and 1 gas with 3000 ( These are just desperation expos , 4 when u have map control or expos are running out all over and the map Is spit , I wouldn't really consider them "expos")

-Doodads are up! If you realy want 2 see the cool deco I recommend play It In sc or In your map editor (You cant really enjoy It from the pic)

-Fixed little ugly things by viewing the map closely.

O and btw I played the map , It plays out great u can do anything standard , cheese. But ground battles are really the funnest part ,but It requires a good amount of skill to use the maps flanking abilities to the fullest.

any last minute requests or suggestions ?
modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
here is one: make a new map

Why dont u like this 1 ?

Upload replay for this map
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