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Last update for (2)Main Hazard : 2009, 07, 18 00:13
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3716 (2)Main Hazard 128*96ProTosS4EveR0.1betaground

The map has been rated 49 times and got a total of 5 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

In this map, i made a totally new feature
look at this picture:

There is a ungatherable mineral under the khaladryn cristal, it's placed in a such way where you can't rebuild your destroyed nex in the best place to gather minerals. That mean the key of victory is destroying the nex
I have this feature in my head for some months now but i never managed to make the map. Nightmarejoo just made a map with an epic feature, so tried I. :)
modified by ProTosS4EveR
Not as important as on fastest, won't matter that much because it will already be quite late in the game, when the main resources are almost mined out.

Also, from time to time terrans misclick when building a scanner. All those terrans will hate your map.
damn the commandcenter add-ons, i forgot them, you won't be able to build them :s
ok, it's an impossible feature :(((
The main thing is a nice concept but I don't think it works on this map's layout. As spine said, it'd probably be so late in the game that the main gets destroyed, it'd be of little matter. Perhaps if you made it say 8 fields of 2500-3500 instead of the normal 9/10 of 1500?

Edit: To balance out the lack of an add-on in the mains for T you could preplace a comsat in the natural or perhaps add a machine shop in the base to give them an edge?
modified by Excalibur
no excalibur, no comsat, it would be too imba

or maybe in the nat
modified by ProTosS4EveR
idk if this is a good feature, zerg can mass ling rush past p cannon take it out ez boring 8min game
I just know that if ppl knew this feature they'd do nothing but try to kill the cc & ruin normal game play.

like ppl would try 4 reaver drop aim only nexus 4 6-8 tank drop aim only at nexus or even mass ling drops go straight at nexus

though i do like the idea since its new i just think game play would be much differen't. I can help u test when u get beta version up

map also looks set up for (4) player map with the 4 expos middle on high ground

also maybe use just a mineral instead of the kylahdirea however u spell it thing cuz it takes up alot of room around the nexus & some toss like to keep their tech close to nexus

oh & mains are flippin huge

modified by tktkvroom
I just know that if ppl knew this feature they'd do nothing but try to kill the cc & ruin normal game play.
that is the point of the map, make aggresive gameplay
idk yea most likely i just can see alot of big drops heh
let me know when/if u wanna test
Hahaha I like it p4ver, too bad it doesn't work. I remember being so annoyed at fastest maps cuz you had to make a 2nd command center to make a comsat (and if your cc died you couldn't rebuild it in a good spot).

Doesn't look like you much effort into the rest of the map though lol.

Good shot though, keep trying! We need more epic features/concepts. Maybe you could try making a good map focused around using spells? Maybe not quite as experimental as Avatar, but with the spells more important than on most spells-in-maps maps.
Gas issue doesn't matter on Fastest, do they?
The thing about the comsat is not that you can't build it or whatever, but that you can screw up and lift off your CC, and that's basically gg then.
Is it very imba to give a free comsat at nat?

I also tried to do something with creep, it works for terran, i yelled GG, but one second after i remembered that zerg won't be fucked up :((((((((((((((((((((

I also understood how does the creep work with sprites
The turret is here to prevent creep to lay under the CC, it will disapprear when u start the game
M# did the same on this map even if i dont see the purpose. Firstly i didn't understand the bug but whatever.

This way, it's possible to make zergonly islands :DDDD
i'll explain in details the creepcolony/khaydarin combo after
modified by ProTosS4EveR
I'll probably do Excalibur's idea. changing mineral amount is interesting :D

marjoo, u know that i don't have nice ideas for the rest of the map :(
modified by ProTosS4EveR
Then you should remake the concept in a new map, and focus on making the rest of map amazing too.

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