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Last update for (4)Orchidees Noi : 2015, 03, 30 11:15
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3741 (4)Orchidees Noi 128*128Freakling0.5betaground

The map has been rated 66 times and got a total of 33 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

remove the ้, it makes bug for the download

3rd and 4th gas:2500gas?
the map looks pretty nice
Oops, forgot Author... Of course, it's ma. You can read it in the map description anyway. That is, if you could download it ; You are right, it does not work...

Middle and neutral expos all have 2500 gas, 6x1500 minerals, right. How'd you know without download?
if the gases were 5000, it would be a too heavy gas map
and i think you are enough aware about the balance
modified by ProTosS4EveR
Not necesarily, look at (4)Yellow.

But I thik Yellow would work with 2500 gas each as well.

EDIT: Download fixed.
modified by Freakling
i like the middle ramps :D
Well they are... ramps... kind of... I think... Maybe... Aren't they...

My next map will consist only of middle ramps ;P You will be blown away by the look at it...
Purp's missing minerals :(
That's just the picture. If you download the map it is playable, though missing unbuildable areas and other deco related stuff... But resources, expos, chokes etc. should all be fine.
How come you use that weird looking inverted ramp for mains...and WinRAR?
I'd move the sls closer to the ramps/nats a bit. And, you know, decorate it. Um, and the nat chokes are a tiny bit too wide IMO.

@coV Positional Variety.
That weird looking ramp is actually pretty ballanced (inverted jungle ramps, for example are also very far from perfectly imitations of the standard ramps but they are considered ballanced nontheless). Height profile and width is the same as standard ramps.
I do not use WinRAR... I used a ZIP file because the map name has an "้" in it and thus resulted in a corrupted download. It is no problem for Star Craft, however, and thus I wanted to preserve the correct spelling and just creating a ZIP instead was an obvious workaround.

Moving the sls closer to the ramps would result in awkward mineral placement for SW and NE Mains : I need to think about this a bit.

Nat chokes are all 8 tiles wide which is about the same width as Python and a bunch of other typical high-main-low-nat-maps, I think. Some have even wider chokes. But reducing the horizontal chokes (i.e. WNW & ESE) to 7 tiles would not hurt at least, I guess.

Deco is coming, of course. Take a look at Mystique to get an idea.

This map is pretty much a Mystique ramake however. But since it is so very very far conceptually from Mystique I gave it a new name. I basically kept the elements I liked about Mystique (neutral low ground gas expos with wide ramps, many ramps, the middle plateau that felt much too small in Mystique and of course the magic mushroom deco that'll come). However, my main premise this time was not to have some terribly experimental and unusual expo layout but to have standard and solid but versatile and kind of agressive expo layout that uses the hight profile of the map to its fullest extend (if one takes any two distinct expansions there is always a ridge, valley or at least a ramp between them).
I also avoided the swirly "Everflow look" this time.
I am blathering too much I think :P
What I basically wanted to say is that there will not be a Mystique update ever to come, because this map pretty much combines every element that I liked about Mystique.
modified by Freakling
Moon's Tear go
Release of Version 1.00.

Deco is done, I did bugtesting on mineral lines and tiles. WNW and ESE nat chokes are now reduced to 7 tiles width, main mineral ๖ines are moved a bit towards the ramps, added some unbuildable stuff, removed the cliffs behind the rim expos. Otherwise it hasn't changed much ;P

Gonna work on Schizo now...
modified by freakling
looks much better now
do u need help testing??
Definitely. But first I need to update schizo or nmjoo is gonna do horrible things to me ;P
you are lucky u dont have the relationship me & nightmarjew do cuz if u did u'd wanna never make a map again & go die of aids xD
<3 joel :]

ne ways i have guests over and they are staying in my room which is fucked up of my mom to do but yea i'll have to wait till they go do tourist noob shit lol so i can use comp
Looks awesome like Awsomeland
I just came..
Hum well the mains look too big, the map seems incredibly linear and fairly tight too.

Mineral formations need work.

Sls could be moved.

Nat chokes might be a bit too wide (imagine that).

I dunno, I'm just looking at the middle and the main pathing. You leave your nat, go through a 3rd or 4th gas base (both gas expos appear to be about the same distance from the nat with no real advantages over eachother which is bad, the slightly safer ones might be a little farther away but I don't think it's enough to really matter), and then you're in your opponents' nat.

The total battleground between non diagonal players is really small, and it just seems hard to expo because everything is so linear. It might just be the picture, but these issues seem worst for horizontal positions.

Think about green vs vomit, where can green expo? The ostensibly nearest gas expos are both too close to vomit to consider as a safe 3rd base. I'm looking at the expos at 6 here. The lowground one faces vomit, and the highground one is really vulnerable from behind. The lowground one isn't safe enough imo, it's close to your opponent and has a relatively large ramp. I don't care for the gully between the expo and the ramp, there's a bit too much space there imo.

So then I suppose you'd naturally go for the lowground gas expo at 9. Thing is, it's outside of main pathing for you by this point, is just on a slight offshoot of your opponent's main pathing, and then has a large ramp you can't really guard well. Easy to attack and imo hard to reinforce

I don't know exactly what you planned here or what you think gameplay is going to be like, so even assuming what I'm saying is true at all, I can't really give definite suggestions, I need more feedback from you. But, if I understand this correctly, I think I would suggest rotating the middle, so that the expos are where the ramps are currently. So 6 highground would move right, 9 highground down, etc.

The nat2nat pathing is incredibly direct, the distance seems pretty short for a (4)rotationally symmetrical map. The highground seems small, but the high basillica seems insignificant. There isn't much reason to use the basillica outside of cross positions imo, aside from attacking the far lowground expo instead of a highground expo, but I don't know how necessary that is anyway (taking that route). Increasing the size of the high ground would serve only to further make the most linear aspects of the map more important and useful (sorry if that sounds awkward, I couldn't come up with a good way to say it). So it seems to me that perhaps the middle should be enlarged to encourage players to use it. You might also consider a twisted middle, like Wuthering Heights to make pathing and the expo layout more interesting and less linear.

And of course, there's space management! As I said above I think the mains might be too large, then you have large nat cliffs, and then you have lots of unecessary bits of cliff and water making things farther away from eachother. I don't think that stuff is necessary, that you're just taking away space which should go to the collective "middle" rather than the "sides", as the map is most definitely a center oriented map. I also think the lowground crossroads are too spacious, I don't think they need that much room. I don't think much action/combat is going to happen there. When I look at the picture I pretty much don't see it at all, better to make the ramps closer to the nat imo.

It's like the map is trying to be a side-oriented map but doesn't know how to be, so it just grew up to be a self-hating center-oriented map and tries to kill itself annually.
got comp back lets test it up
Freakling's deco OWNS ftw xD :)
DL doesn't work D:
I hate the very center
Any chance of reuploading this old but gold stuff?
It's not really that good if you actually play on it :\
I've been planning to remake this since forever now...

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