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Last update for (4)Baccon Bits 1.20 : 2009, 08, 12 02:48
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3786 (4)Baccon Bits 1.20 128*128Spider-Waffle0.3betahybrid

The map has been rated 50 times and got a total of 15 points

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Comments:   GMCS (6 elements)

I tried to do something new with this by having low mineral patches that block paths, like at the naturals, the islands; the minerals patch only expos also make a for a wider choke point as they get mined out.

I'm looking for any advice I can get, this is my first map and I know it looks really ugly right now.
Terran = Win/OP 'cause he can just lift his CC and get money. I'm not sure making this island is a good idea.
Gas issue : make the main's gas on the left or on the top.
Deco can look better, it's just too plain and the straight ramp is too much IMO.
Well I have a patch with 64 minerals that has to be mind out before CC can drop at those expos, but it still would be convenient for terran. Maybe I should put another mid sized ramp at the top of the expo? Besides more ways to attack and less buildable terrain, what else can I do to counter-balance terran?

For the gas, you mean for mining speed? I was thinking of using a doodad to help with that. This does work but I don't know if it's perfect. I just want everything to be balanced as possible.

Just had an idea, putting "zero" mineral stacks in the main to prevent a CC for being built there, what do you think?
I'm talking about the other expansion where 12 and 6 are. Terran can lift.

You have to make the gas in the mains on the top or the left of the CC 'cause you'll be getting more gas.

Very linish IMO for jungle terrain.
So your talking about the naturals, you mean having mined out one natural, they could lift and mine the other? I hadn't thought about that really, that is pretty good, maybe just 1 patch at the natural could alleviate that, then Z or P could just kill SCVs that try to mine it and make it harder for T

did you see what I said about the doodad to get more gas though?

And what do you think about adding another ramp to those expos above and below the mains?

Which parts are too linish? How should I fix this?
modified by Spider-Waffle
modified by Spider-Waffle
modified by Spider-Waffle
Map is too weird
its his 1st map, he needs constructive comments not ones saying its bad
Try decorating the center-middle dirt areas. They are pretty open, and some functional doodads will not only make it look better, but can be used strategically as run-arounds or hide-behinds

So I decorated it, and changed the ramp to the mineral patches, added doodad to bottom left gas to make it mine faster.

I'm really considering moving the main's mineral line and gas towards the middle of the main like 2 or more units away from the side or top and bottom walls. And then putting the gas above the start location for all bases.

Also I can expand out the main's by about 6 iso-units at the expense of the area between the main and nat/extended choke.

I was also thinking of removing 1 or 2 of the low mineral patches at the bottom/top of the naturals so you can walk around, but it's a longer walk.
modified by Spider-Waffle
I made some GMCS comments. I have always felt (since Python) that the more open maps are the better balanced they are. Keep working on it.
Pic is so ugly...
Yeah picture is ugly...
If it's not an island map, I suggest you remove the mineral blocks on all of them.
keep up the effort spider ur doing better
-try to redo the picture
-make the shapes of land more curvy instead of straight
-add more deco, look at motw, motm maps & look at how they use decoration try to copy it

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