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Last update for (4)Untidal : 2009, 08, 27 23:18
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3833 (4)Untidal 96*96larjarse0.7betaground

The map has been rated 34 times and got a total of 24 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

bloodbath trend
larjase why do you keep bumping old maps. please stop. most of the authors are gone or don't care anymore.
modified by aeoliant
this is not a bump moron
LOL aeoliant u idiot look at map id.

About the map tho:
I really like it nice and simple, looks fun.

But i would personally:

-Lower money in the map:
a)Main bases 1 gas 7 min paches
b)Nat 1 gas 5 minpaches (Or even make it a min only)

-Id make those bases in the middle high platforme with 1 or 2 ramp(s) each.

-Or make those middle expos islands.

And finally i would give space behind the mains and nats 4 turrets.
thanks for the feedback, I'll re work it tonight and update tomorrow.
I will also try removing the catwalk on the outside edges to make more building room.

uhm, i can only say that in any matchup, the race that requires more room to flank the other race will definitely lose. Terran shrine.
LMAO, oh you made my day.
Yeah of course these kind of maps will make Terran own everything unless macro wise.
LOL NOT THIS MAP YOU RETARD. i just posted it here cuz i know he'd read it then. everytime he bumps a map, cov or someone posts after his post about bumping maps and he never reads that. so i figured this time someone should put something where he'll read it.
Would you mind telling me why it is so bad bumping old maps?
There are many old maps that have interesting concepts and could be redone to great success, or other maps have interesting features that could give mappers ideas for a new map.
Not everyone clicks the random map link, but if there is a bump of an old map it can be interpreted as some kind of recommendation.

It's one thing to bump a boring, bad map (tell him to stop doing that if he does), but I have no problem at all with bumping an interesting map every few days. If old maps don't take up more than 1 or 2 spots of the newest updates list, everything is still fine.

Besides, I don't like the flaming here.
alright yeah i'm a little sorry because i jsut realized it wasn't larjarse i was thinking of hahahaha he was just the last person to do it. my bad mate.
Well some people bump to say to fix this and that, when the map ID is like 1000, I have no problem either, it's just irritates me when people ask them to change when the mapper is long gone.
I did bump a map when I first joined, but thats because I thought this site was alot more active...... and a comment to any map is beneficial to everyone trying to extend and improve their mapping knowledge. I would say 95% of my posts are about mapping- unlike many others. This is, am I correct?

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