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Last update for (2)Earwig 2 : 2009, 11, 28 20:11
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3927 (2)Earwig 2 96*128gnom0.5betaground

The map has been rated 49 times and got a total of 25 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

That's it. Generators stacked twice.
terran pushes are gonna be pretty easy. instead of making the expansions with one main entrance try connecting the two halves to create alternate pathing. sry if you dont get what i mean.

sorry, but which expos do you mean?
the nats, or which ones?
modified by gnom
i think swagu meens putting a second main entrance in the mud expansion? am i right ?
Main2nat distance seems kinda long, and i think terran pushes might be a little strong because of short distances nat2nat, but what are the generators for, except for creating minor path issues?

Also, can you wall-in with only 1rax? or 1rax1supply?
I personally don't like the flow of the map, seeing as how you would always expo away from your opponent in pretty safe areas, imo, creating a boring game with relatively little or no harass.

Also, naturals' resources don't really need to be placed in such an awkward formation, i would advise changing it. I also suggest removing a few mineral patches from the mineral only, it's a very safe expo with very high mineral yield.
actually what i meant is that the map is kinda one way. theres only a pretty short and not so wide path to the opponents nat. theres gotta be some alternate routes for zerg, toss or bio. this one way pathing makes terran too strong.

i mean basically that all the expansions on the side are accessible by only one main route and a small one. once those two are protected then its alot of free stuff. if you make the expansions more open or even less cliffs at your nat would make alot more space.

i personally would make the main more longer vertically but you can work it out :)
Yeah, main to nat distance is long so you might want to change that. And have your own decoration for each place so it'll look better.
Third gas seems very not open unless you destroy the generators.
You are able to block with 1 rax and the nat is blockable with 1x1, but no prob i can change that.

And the generators are there so you can run probes withour danger in the 1.5 and 7.5 expos.
Your enemy will have to destroy them before he gets to your probes/drones/vbcs.
So, this would bea Terran favoured map?
There would be following things to change:
-"normal" placement for nat-minerals
-Main Nat distance
-More routes
-Replace third gas expos to the egdes of the map
-Individual deco, (which i only made for the nats yet)
-wider entrandes
-bigger mains
(i noticed the small size of the mains too, but it would let no space for the min only. if i resized it to a 128x128, there wouldnt be that problem.. oh, and of course the nat2nat distance would be longer.. so resize it or not?)

also, do you think the Uraj Crystal may be useful?
i thought in PvP it could bug some scarabs..

And sorry, what is bio? i don't stop learning here ;)

bio is a human army like rines and medics
Okay,thanks sWaGu.
Here is now the modified version, but i dont have much place for the min only :/
It's very(!) raw, so don'tsay there are no doodads ;)
are the blu circles here the mins are gonna be?
Thats what i thought.

What do you suppose?
i think that its alot better. the teeny ramp seems kinda unnecessary
I will add some deco in time, but this is the map as it is right now.
This Expo with 2 geysers is weird isnt it?
My idea was: you can Turn it into a gas only expo
if it is mined out!
Of course, i set all four geysers to 2500

what do you think?
i just noticed the faces in the nats

imo, i dont think the double geyser thing will be used. Its gonna get mined out late game i think and by then ppl will want mins and not gas but its nice.
Wow why so bad rating on map?
Its not that bad, lol ...

1) It sucks
2) Everyone in this site gives 0 rate to ther other maps xD
Haha, lol.. nice argung there.
So.. LastCurse..
what would YOU do ;) ?
rofl the nats, bottom one is sad!
-Uhm, I'd say that the naturals are too open, having 2 entrances and being pretty big ones at that.

here im also gonna block the nats with neutral buidlings. this will balance much more i think.

those tiny ramps are necessary :) pull of worker :P
maybe i can replace some expos to make the players fight a littl emor for their expos.
modified by Gnom

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