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Last update for (4)Abstract : 2010, 04, 19 23:27
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3930 (4)Abstract 128*128sTY_leZerG-eX2.8finalground

The map has been rated 97 times and got a total of 270 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

wow pretty cute map :o
where do you build your base Mr. Terran?
Glad u like it Lastcurse, Toss4ever man, there is plenty of space, open map up and ul see.

And guys, I haven't forgotten about my old maps, I will get an up date 4 all of them soon.

I have 2 questions 4 u guys:

1)Do u guys think that that flank of the nat is anti-fastexpand ?

2)There is actually no third gas, but if luna works this should right?
1. not really i mean its just easier for a run by
middle is really tight
okay... This map is cool
okay... This map is cool
Glad u like it NastyMarine :)

Oh and deco not done oc.
The mains actually DO work, but they are super uncomfortable and require you to put supply depots in awkward places and in weird formations just in order to fit them all in. You need bigger mains.

imo, the lack of third gas works alright since the naturals are close enough in a 1v1 to be considered as a 3rd gas.

It looks as if the nat to nat distance for games when the players start adjacent to each other is really short, but that's what happens when the naturals are placed in the middle of the sides of the map. Having this in mind, i predict terran will have strong pushes in those matchups where time is of the essence, such as when the zerg builds sunks at the initiative of the mnm pressure,etc.

fun map, imo, and try to work on the middle's symmetry, where it seems top and bottom have a giant wasteland while the sides are smaller than othello's inside corridors.
about the "No Third Gas" why don't you just put a gas in the min onlyes behind the bridge :?
Na I wanted a map that must have a min only, but as Jungle terrain said map should be fine 4 a 1 vs 1.

when is the rest of the deco coming :) i wanna see it finished =]
OH this looks really nice, awesome use of high ground and low ground.

I think that back side to the nat might give one race more favoritism than an other, my guess Terran or Zerg but cant be sure until I play the map or see it played by some 1 else.

Anyhow very nice map, and the rotational symmetry owns!

Deco Is still not done (almost there tho) I just thought that with this new + complete version of the map people would take it more into account in the MOTM competition. Because I think its turning out pretty nice :)

Ok Up date:

- Made mains a bit bigger ( They are now an actual good size, I have tested them )

- Moved some ramps a very little

- Moved around a bit with the min only's

- Added most of the deco

- Added very few doodads so far ( I just added the very indispensable 2s atm )

So yeah tell me what you guys think


Oh shit this is crazy I'm going to vote for it.
Very well done.
Ha good now I have at least convinced someone.

Glad you like it btw
i like it but i was hoping you would use tile editing ;)
You mean something like in (3)Hamlet ?
Did you fix the problem of the small mains?
Yeah man I can get u pic of how a Terran base can look, if you want.
Holy mother jesus it's looking SWEET =}
Remove the temple in the mains and give them real mineral formations. Consider giving the mains 1-3 more mineral blocks and an extra geyser with a low gas count (I was thinking ~500), because the nat is incredibly unsafe. Perhaps this will also somewhat ease the lack of a proper 3rd gas.

I would give the min onlys gas, but I suppose it's your call.
i like the main mineral formations they are kinda like Grief's style :D
lol LastCurse its just that Nightmarjoo Is more of an old fashion type when it comes to mains mineral formations =)

Il see what I can do btw Nightmarjoo.
Nightmarjoo, it's just that Nightmarjoo wants you to not use mineral formations which very likely mine at relatively poor rates and are awkward and thus waste precious main space, particularly precious on a map like this where such a high fraction of total space is allocated to the center.
i was thinking maybe you could put expansions in the center since its so big.
Actually good idea swagu, I'm going to post a picture of it 2 see how it looks.

its very hard to please marjoo =(
I'm pretty sure you can fit 10facts and 24 supplys and all tech buildings even in the smallest mains, but are they comfortable enough for a player? Your opinion does not count on this one.

You might be limiting very macroish play with small mains and maybe even limiting players' options when it comes to base layouts and such.
I agree with part of what you've said Jungle, I have already agreed that I will remove the high temples in the mains ( That way giving all the room thats needed ) among other things.
But what do you mean: "Your opinion does not count on this one." ? Its my map after all :(
i think jungle was talking to marjoo ^^ cuz he is the one that's unhappy with the mains :]
modified by LasTCursE
lol I'm confused now.
"your opinion does not count on this one", meaning, you can't talk about how comfortable a main feels to a player because it's your map, therefore you'll be biased towards your own work, as all mappers are.
Just another way to say "you can't speak for others"

I just suggest let other people play and "feel" the small mains.
Ok sounds fair, how about you ?

Ok I haven't dealt with the problems that Jungle or marjoo mentioned, yet. ( It will happen tho )

First I wanted to get the middle straitened out. ( With the help of Swagu's idea )
Ok I have to options for you:

The way It already was:

The one with an expo in the middle:

I can always come up with a 3rd option if you guys want. But witch one of the 2 options do you prefer??

modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
neither, because neither involve no temple in the mains and a good mineral formation
oh marjoo what's bad in new stuff ? this not gonna be a pro league map it's made for fun so what's the problem with having a formation like this;;
lol can we address one problem at the time ?

I kinda like option 2# plz tell me which one do u guys like + ..

option 2 looks sweet :

Vote: #2
actually i dont favor either... i think it makes the path tighter and that too only top to bottom. i was thinking more on the lines of 4 extra expansions for each player. but if making it like that msakes it too tight id go with #2
may be bring the temple closer to the expansion ?
i go for #2, looks better.
I think il go with option 1#______ GK!! OPTION 2# it is!! Il see what I can do to enlarge the middle a bit. ( Take into consideration that there are many paths in map, and a good flank is relatively easy to pull off. )
i'd say option 2 all the way. swagu is right though, so maybe just get rid of the temple around the center expo at 3 and 9.
i like your ideas wanna see my maps and tell me what i miss on my maps :)
lol ok, but plz listen 2 what I say because I have commented in your maps be4 and I always tell you what I think but you never up date :(

Example on:


Check those comments out and tell me what you think.
modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
Sorry for bump, played it its ok but,,,,, at the top the workings mining is wierd. Also for your obs maps make sure the trigger actually works so you can play on obs mode :D
cool map dude. I like the second option personally
Yeah I comment for Nasty!!

yeah il work on 2#
Ok so update!!

I think that there will be one one + update aside from this one, and map should be 100% done by then.

- Finished deco
- Added many doodads, they are almost done now.
- Fixed the high temples on the mains (Made them smaller, for + building space)
- Also moved and fixed the mains minerals formations (They are still bit different than standard ones, to piss off nightmarjoo a bit)
- But something that changed a lot is middle:
Its a new version of option 2#
I call it option 3#, its just like number 2 except that there is no middle expo (it really did make thing very tight) so its now more like a high ground LT version of mine. There is also some deco all around and to spice it up I added some neutrals that are really just there to cause path issue.
Jk there there because they look sexy, there are 6 pylons and one shield battery just in the middle of the map.

So yeah give me ur thoughts

cool :) just that same tile spam at the center looks kinda ugly to me :(
i agree with last curse, your garden in the middle needs differant color or flowers
Yeah maybe u guys are right, it might be to much, il thin it out (I do want to keep a little of it however)

What u think of the neutrals tho?
modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
The pylons ?
ugly tile spam in the middle tho
Ok final UP DATE!!
(I think)

Whats new:

-Deco 100% finished
-All neutrals tested (They dont crash game)
-All the doodads have been placed.
-Shrinked the temples that cliff the min only's at the 1 and 7 o'clock positions, because they where 2 big and more harassable, compared to the other ones.
- And as far as ik there are no problems with map (plz correct me if I'm wrong and u fined something)

Also I uploaded 2 replay, that give a good idea of how map can work.
PvT and ZvP will be veryyyy hard with the tight middle im afraid. Except for the middle the map is really sexy :)
you rly like your tile spam at the middle do you ? ^^ =D
lol last I forgot 2 mention I did shrink it (a bit)

And kinos why dont u like map's middle?
Personally I dont think its tight at all man, there are much tighter pro maps that work, and about 42% of map is the middle (So that big battles can happen)
I just dont see tighness

--Trooper vs Other Guy(1on1, 1.16)
--Xeifer[Name] vs G_oUsT[aK](1on1, 1.15)
--disowned_noob vs G_oUsT[aK](1on1, 1.15)

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