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Last update for (2)Manhattan_Project : 2005, 09, 10 23:20
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
396 (2)Manhattan_Project 128*128MuShu1.1final

The map has been rated 61 times and got a total of 70 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

A map made by myself a few months ago. Nothing too special, but when I posted it a while ago it got some positive feedback. I made some modifications and decided to post it here. Comments/ suggestions welcomed. :)
Oh, and just imagine it without the ramps at the base to the back. Old picture and my password isnt working. ><
Nevermind, fixed it. Sorry for triple posts. :P
Sorry but compared to xeno twisted this isnt close in quality. The maps seems so random, and the expos and main arent balanced good. (bottom has better main harrasing-wise) The center also seems like it has no use since the paths on the sides lead so directly to each-other... Perhaps if you made some changes to easier recognize how the map layout plays, like easy estinguishable cliffs and edges and try to get away from that "random" feeling, i would like it better...
bottom island has no gas right? weird.

I would move the blue starting location to the right, it's too close to the choke imo.
also making the space next to reds natural a bit wider (remove water right from red's natural) would improve unit movement.

Overall I like your map though. I don't agree with SP, this map is just a "difficult" one, Maps like Blade storm are nice, but as a raid assault lover, I appreciate more complicated layouts even more:)
I understand SP somehow, it looks a bit "random" but i don't think that is a problem ingame. You could draw the ways a bit clearer, but that's just make-up.

Then panschk is right, you should move blues startpoint.

What i dislike is the tankable main eco-line. That's always a problem on maps where the startpoint lies on a centered cliff with walking space around. If you intended it, to be tankable, then balance it out, if not, then simply change it somehow.
-Mains no longer tankable from behind the base.
-Moved Blue start location.
-Moved natural expansions.
-Added gas to bottom right( I forgot to do it before.)
-Rounded the ground around the gas expos at 4 and 10.
-Small cosmetic changes.

Hope it's more balanced this way. I might move the bridges more towards the center later.
Looks better now :)

btw is the red gas tankable from left hand side? just a guess.
im still a bit confused by this map :(
What did you mean when you said estinguishable cliffs and edges? I think I know what you want for the cliffs, to make them more recognizable as cliffs, but what about the edges?
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more geometrically shaped :P

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