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Last update for (2)Choco : 2010, 06, 11 20:11
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4060 (2)Choco 96*128JungleTerrain1.2finalground

The map has been rated 70 times and got a total of 81 points


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New map, which didn't take me very long to make.
All mineral and gas values are standard 1500(minerals) and 5000(gas).

For some reason, naturals with 2 entrances are becoming more popular in maps, and so I decided to whip out another map with this feature. The back choke of the natural is pretty big, but I did this because I think distances to get around the back of the natural are pretty long.

Nat-to-Nat distance may be pretty short, too. Should I open up the middle even more, as in adding a pair of ramps that lead into the middle straight from the naturals? Hopefully you guys can suggest anything, but you guys seem kinda dead. Happy Saint Patrick's day!
And you guys might see a resemblance in the picture with Chupung-Reyong

Decoration not finished.
modified by JungleTerrain
Cool, I love flankable nats, not sure I like the rest of the map tho, I'm not a fan of the middle.
To be honest, i don't like it either :P
if i can make some sugjestions.

First off the middle is tight enough why put that hard to defend min only expantion and move it in the ridge behind the nat for a cool not that used feature?
if you do this then i would sugjest adding a min block on the ramp up to that min only expantion. (this also helps fe out) and also make that back a tad widder so its easier to place expantion there.
next for the middle tanks are going to be a bitch to deal with so make it a little easier for our friendly toss player by doing the following.
Make the space behind the middle expos a little wider by reducing the size of that ramp there. to get rid of this vally between them and for goons and zealots not having to run around just weld them together so the middle is all attached to each other which also helps reducing the size of the bridge.
modified by Trooper
modified by Trooper
I would also ad some bridges, maybe 2 of them per side, they always make a map look cool :)
I've never been a fan of these kinds of maps.
Mains are too big.
modified by Nightmarjoo
The minonly is easy to take lol

What if i just removed the highground from the middle, added bridges(don't know where yet), and made the middle highground gas at 3 and 9 more "normal"?

and yeah the mains are big, they looked so small on my scmdraft!
So I finally updated the map, so compare with how it used to look and plz give suggestions, criticisms, etc.

P.S. The picture above placed by Trooper(although a big picture) shows how the map used to look like before the edit, omit the lines.
added some deco, too.
Nice man the deco u added definitely boosted the maps sexiness.

My suggestions:

Add some unbuildable titles on the high ground tight areas.
Add some rocky ground on the 2 & 7 o'clock, low ground passages.

Give the nats a bit + turret/cannon room.

And I would + a xel naga just in the middle of the map ( Doesn't have 2 be that building, it really could be anything cool )

So thats all I can think of atm, love the bridges btw, but I would have made them 3 smaller bridges think Id be better.
wow this looks profesional.. :o very nice job there mate
thank you

I will do what you asked leZerg, very good idea. I was going to do that later, but i consider that part of the decoration, and deco is not done yet.

i think the 2 bridges will work for now, but maybe later on i can change that. This is still NOT FINAL.

More suggestions, criticisms, comments, etc. !!! ! !
Isn't there a gas problem on this map? Tell me if I'm right or wrong because after seeing this map, I am now very confused about what a gas problem is.
modified by frossi
nope this map dosen't have a gas problem!!
No gas problem, see that the gas nodes in the mains are perfectly symmetrical in relation to the starting locations? Both gas nodes are 3 tiles exactly above the SLs.
modified by JungleTerrain
Yeah we just worry about gas issue in the mains. It's impossible with all interesting forms of symmetry to have perfect gas balance without creating some other slight positional imbalance.
New update: I enlarged the naturals, added more decoration, made the highground behind the naturals partly unbuildable, and made certain spots unbuildable, most notably next to the bridges, with rocky ground.

Any more suggestions, criticisms, opinions, etc.?
-if not, I will proceed to finish the map and add full decoration.
Nat with straight up two entrances just doesn't work. I thought Tears of the Moon established that? I would block the backdoor with either minerals or a neutral building, or at least partly block the front entrance with a power generator.
i could block the ramp in the back with minerals, so yeah i think that can work.
awesome! this should be pro league ! :]
modified by LasTCursE
Upload some replays i wanna see it in action =]
I'll see what i can do about that
I was wondering, are Overlord spots alright? Should i make them "better"?
Well my map just got totally ignored.

Ovie spots look fine.
is not unbuildabule just put doodads from sprites ... :D
? what?
And the award for the least making sence comment ever goes tooooo.. x-species!!

For his masterpiece:
"is not unbuildabule just put doodads from sprites ... :D"
lol yeah I did not get that comment either

I'll probably be updating and adding the finishing touches to this map soon, just to let you all know(not that it really matters to anyone).

I might be very busy, primarily with school, though: I have AP tests this week.
Nice Nice, But where are the Do0oOo0dads ?


Added like 588 doodads :P
The backdoor has been blocked by 40 stacked, 0 value mineral patches (If this is too much, I will change the number, but please give me comments/opinions/suggestions).

Ok, that's all there is to say for now. :)
i'm putting this in my Cool Expert maps folder !! :
wow very cool map!
but yeah i do think 40 is too much maybe 20 or below IMO.
corner expos look easy to defend for terran plus if they get closer they can get 2 nats
and the blending behind the stack minerals can look better but i love everything else :)
Well, the reason why I put 40 stacked mineral patches is that I actually had some people test the map out with a stack of 20, and it made it possible for the scouting worker to mine the whole 20 patches and create a second opening into the natural in a very short amount of time. I want the natural to be a little more secure, ergo the 40 patches. I want a good reason to change the number, and I haven't come across one so far.

And yes, corner expoes seem easy to defend for terran, but if a terran decides to take the expo in the corner, he would have to split his forces to defend his natural/front and the expoes in the back. Defending and splitting the whole map is too hard to do for a terran here in the early stages of the game.
Cool love the doodads, but why the min block?
I think it takes away part of the fun :(
And can u really stop an opponent that is trying 2 mine it out ?
After all he has the high ground.
I was thinking about that, but I conjured away the idea of not being able to stop the mining out of the min block with "they should be smart and have high apm, they should be able to stop such a thing".
-pretty dumb thought :P

I see what you are saying, though, and I was thinking of totally changing the location of the mineral block, or to change it from being a mineral block to a neutral building block, or lurker eggs/mineral block, or maybe a Triathlon-style Arbiter/cloaked lurker eggs/with minerals.

What do you propose?
modified by JungleTerrain
Well any of those options sound better, pick ur favorite !
wHere Are the rEplaYs ?
wAiT uP hAvE sOmE pAtIeNcE
modified by JungleTerrain
Man, the map picture quality sucks :(

sTY_leZerg-eX, how do you make your map pics? Yours seem so clean and good quality.
and eye raping ^^

-Fixed tankspots behind the naturals.

-Changed the backdoor entrance to 3 stacked Psi Disrupters (each 2000 hp) [Is this enough? Is it too little?] These are LING TIGHT.

-Modified 3 and 9 o clocks', Naturals', and Mains' mineral lines.

-Added 1 Mineral patch (500value) to mineralonly.

-Fixed some ugly decoration glitches/bugs.

If no more suggestions, then I guess this is final version! If not, then I'll have to edit and make more changes. :P

Either way it's cool; I'm basically done with this map.
modified by JungleTerrain
Cool man, very cool, so change the map from beta 2 final.

Map is final.
I would make 3 & 7 O'Clock's ramps bigger
i wouldn't

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