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Last update for (4)MoonLight Shadow : 2014, 08, 23 04:35
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4077 (4)MoonLight Shadow 128*128sTY_leZerG-eX2.7betaground

The map has been rated 75 times and got a total of 203 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

K I uploaded this because I deeded to give it a map id, so that could enter the LCSZ&TKMOTFN 1 comp on time.
So excuse me for uploading a map that is super beta.
What I am having problems is finding a middle, but I'm working on it. Any suggestions on what would u guys like? Or any cool ideas?
Any way something to know about map is that the neutrals are not stacked, but other than that... the rest is pretty straight forward.
WOW man this is such an awesome map already :OOO can't wait to see it finished o.O
modified by LasTCursE
I kind of want to like it but I kind of don't. Can you push SCVs or Probes through with buildings? That would suck. It also kind of forces an aggressive build from Zerg while a Terran can still expand relatively quickly.
Common site dont DIE !!!!
nice beta map as always but i think there is going to be unused space like between the outside nat and the opp semi island map
wow sty_lezerg-ex is making me feel kinda sad with this com.. :|

ah, and the map..
hm as you got the form of a star in the middle,
with the spikes turned to the left,
i'd put another star into the star, with the spikes to the right? under stand? x|
lol what?
How many edges should the star have?
am i blind or there is just a square in the middle and no stars ? =D
I think he means the pseudo-swastika
make it a nazi map
lol maybe, Im still trying 2 figure out the nat and the min only.

Any ideas?
Where would you put another expansion? Are there only supposed to be the backdoor and unprotected nat per player?
Well the rest of the map is simply to big to let it go to waste without adding a cool battle field and expos 2 fight 4.
Hey zergy, wanted to show you some ideas I had for the map.

I really like the main ramp placement and how it would mesh with the egg/mineral thing I threw in, so I highly recommend that. I'm sure you could execute the min-onlys I put in much better.

Hope this gets finished. :3

Also I miss being here and mapping a lot, but Staredit demands most of my attention these days. You guys should visit us over on SEN more often. :P
modified by Nightmarjoo
it's pretty easy to get 4 base with almost no way the oponnent can do anything to your expansions.. i don't like your idea excalibur :/ may be put the third somewhere around the water in the middle or behind the Protoss green sprite thinghy :D =]
Im not a big fan of this layout, you should try another one/experiment further :)
Wow thnx Ex, definitely an interesting idea and I can see something like that a possibility, but Im not sure.
This is one of the ideas I had been working on:

Not done oc, still have 2 figure a cuple of things out.
Its just a possibility any way, so what u think?

modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
I like that, add the egg path with the main ramps and then finish the naturals. :3
uhm, personally i would like some expoes somewhere in the middle, or at least close to it, because it is just so big. All I see for a terran strategy on your suggestion, Sty_leZerg, is 4base turtleterran then max push. The terran really has no need to go to middle and get outflanked because all his/her expoes that he/she needs for a good economy are so close and safe to hold.

So, i don't like your latest suggestion, although it does look pretty cool. (also, the nats AND the island AND the outside natural expo would be tankable with your suggestion)

I personally would like to see some expoes in the middle, as I have stated before. Have the middle be a place to fight over, with some interesting stuff. Look at (4)Yellow, Testbug's map, remember?
Now i like it :)
I see what u mean jungle, and thnx, I can always fix tankability in all expos except for the nats oc.

I think Il remove the min only there and put it in the center.
Im still trying 2 figure out what 2 do..
Map is tricky, although it does not look like it form the pic.

One question is the nat good? or should I try something else ?

modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
Ok so I had some free couple of hours and I decided to invest them on the map :) So I re-read jungle's comment, got the creativity going and started 2 work.

UP date!!:

So i did not use my min only island concept or Excalibur's neutrals concept, instead I went with an idea that doesn't encurage turtuling. Oc map is still beta, but I kinda like this new version of the map, plz let me know if u feel the same way, I still have the other maps versions just in case.

So whats new:

-The hole middle: removed the islands and now u have crazy flanking opportunity's. This will also make the battle for the high ground very fun.

-Fixed tankability, except for nats.

And yeah let me know what u think.
I don't like the update too much because of two issues:
-the backdoor expos, the "nats", are completely tankable from the highground in the middle.
-Lack of open space in the middle.

imo, the highgrounds in the middle are a little too strong for terran because they would have tankability over 2 expoes.
modified by JungleTerrain
Also, i advise maybe to get rid of the water around the middle if you need more room to execute another concept, if that's the case, or to simply reduce it.
modified by JungleTerrain
I could always check the tanks range and move the minerals around, add some doodads in key places, fix terrain to my advantage... to fix the tanks issue, to make sure they cant tank the elevated neutral blocked nats.
As for the water, i need that so that min only's dont become tankable form said bases.
As for a tight middle hum... I'm not sure thats the case.

Although, by looking at the pic, I do see a way of opening middle just a bit +
modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
Kinda looks korean =)) i like the update
modified by LasTCursE
Wtf, i don't like this =[
You could also push the minerals/gas in the backdoor nats deeper in, or maybe u were saying that in ur last comment...
I actually really like this. Looks cool. Though natural still looks too hard to take.
Yeah its looking sweet eh?

Il fix what u said in updadte
And u just wait 4 deco
modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
I can't wait for decoration :P
Ok Update!

- Deco Is now almost 100% done
- Moved all the neutral blocked nats, so they are not tankable (They are not fully tested yet tho).
- Messed a bit with the high ground
- Added some unbuildable spots in the high grounds
- Fixed the obs version, so its should work fine now
- Gave more space to the min onlys
- And made it impossible to fit a unit in the outside edges on all the neutral locked nats.

Doodads are still to be placed, and map is yet to be tested, to try to fined any possible problems.

What u think?
Too tight/linear imo
So u dont like it :(

Its meant for 1 vs 1's tho
I thought you would use more "mud" but it's pretty nice anyways :D

PP: I like the star thing in the middle =]
modified by LasTCursE
its certainly pretty but i think it would be pretty gay fighting 3base T that just lifts a CC
i will consider the decoration as a tribute. thanks.
Yeah I thought about using + mud, I was almost going 2 go with a mud/rocky ground decoration, but I liked this a bit better.
I actually think that players will take the neutral blocked nat, because that low ground one looks just so hard to take and defend successfully. It does not defend ur ramp properly, and its super flankable...
So i think this is + likely to be taken as a 3rd or 4th base than an actual 2nd base. But will it actually favor Terran, hum I'm not completely sure. This is debatable oc, and if u fined a good argument plz tell me, I would also appreciate a solution if u can think of 1.
lol sure why not!
only thing that i don't like is the mass tree spam and i'm pretty sure you can still drop some units there.. (don't know for siege tank and lurker tho) :(

may be if you use the raised jungle as a wall instead it would look alot better =]

Something like this but with more work and alot better looking.. (can even add temple in the mix like this one

Just a suggestion.. :) it's an awesome map bro
modified by LasTCursE
I just tested map 2 see if there are tank spots and there are !!
Shit, il have 2 fix that..
Thnx 4 the suggestion bte Last.
Ok I uploaded a couple of replays for a couple of my maps, the reps where pretty useful.
The only problem with this map is what Last mentioned and its actually even worse !!
Tanks and lurks do fit...

why only 1 replay for this map :(
modified by LasTCursE
Msg me on iccup if you want to test. MCSheep or neobowman.
Okay, I'm the only one who doesn't like this?

Sure the idea with the main is really cool, but it doesn't work in real game. Why?

Naturals don't defend main's ramp. This will be a huge problem to Zerg player cuz, it can't take that expansion behind the building. This means that Zerg's FE will be really hard and risky to do because Sunkens really don't defend the ramp. And there is that other ramp to natural so Marines can just run behind the minerals. This is huge problem.

Protoss and Terran can make the FE cuz they will destroy the building. Protoss may have problem with this aswell, but it's not so big comparing to Zerg. Terran can just turtle and come with 200/200. The map itself is tight already.

Minonly seems to be pointless. There is no reason to take that expansion. You will just go to another main and secure 3 gasses..

coV're on a roll man
i think siabbo got an B or A rank in iccup and came to give some of his new wisdom ^^ :P
Ok I have Updated This Map now!!!

What changed?

- First newtral blocked nats have now the min blocks so that terran cant just lift CC and take expo fast as hell. (Oh btw there are 2 min patches, this is due ti the fact that 1 min patch just was not enough to cover the whole area, but you only need to get 1 worker up there and mine out the 1 mineral patch in the middle of the expo in order to have access to it)
- Second, mains ramp is now double the size, this means it will be harder to defend, and an attack will be easer to manage. This will make turtleing inside main base harder. But a stacked 0 value mineral patch has been placed (Dont remember exactly how many times, I think its 8) This will make players want to be careful with opponents scouts because if the mining out is successful one will be left with a wider choke 2 dfend.
- And Finally 3rd: This might be the most important update because after playing the map I realized that tanks and other units could actually be dropped outside the high raised jungle and cause a great deal of annoyance. So after some good custom terrain and some copy paste, I have finally defeated this problem.

Map is not yet finished, because it still lacks doodads, and there are some tank holes, still, but those will be filled with doodads so no problems there.
modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
I never liked this. Poor space distribution, poor proportions, poor placement of stuff... Inherent "lack of concept to start with but I desperately wanna use raised jungle"-syndrome. But, you know, this map is really old, so who cares?
What? I think its a great map, I absolutely disagree with everything in you previous comment..
That's because it's your own map ;)
He is not the only one who likes the map.. i think it's an awesome map and one of lezerg's best ones! especialy love the mains+natural concept !! =))
modified by LasTCursE
I like it
Its official then! Its only u Freakling and SiaBBo. lol
This map owns :)
I recommend you submit this map for the BWMN Showcase Tourney
Would like to see this map in action :)
Thought it would be interesting to note that an SC2 port of this map has been selected as part of the official tournament and ladder map pool.
Awesome! Congratulations sty_lezerg-ex
Thnx man!

--RoA(R)t vs G_oUsT[aK](1on1, 1.15)

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