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Last update for (4)Helmet : 2010, 10, 27 19:52
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4126 (4)Helmet 128*128Kinosjourney0.1betaisland

The map has been rated 55 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

A map i've had for a while that resembles Andromeda and Fighting Spirit which are two maps that i like alot.

Basically i can't make rotational symmetry even so if my life depended on it, i've tried several times to make it work but i just can't.

Im asking someone good at making rotational symmetric maps to fix the two remaining mains so that they are balanced, i'd appreciate it as this map is one of my favorite creations so far ;)
modified by Kinosjourney
2 more mains ? lol i thought this is a 2 player map xDD
I thought about making it a 2 player map but i think it's more suited for a 4 player map. There would be too much wasted space.
Not sure If ul be able 2 fit that idea if u dont fix things up.
I like it but it seems a bit 2 Andromedaish.
Yeah I just saw it closely and u will definitely have problems with the symmetry and the distances nat2nat
So am i better off making it a two player map?
very cool design
No hell no! Dont make it a 2v2, it will be a bitch but there is always a way to fit the idea.
I think that if u actually mange to get something decent going on ur mapping skills will improve allot.
This will be good 4 u, u will probably have 2 resize everything like 4 times at least but u can get it DONE!
K, i've tried everything and i screwed up. So im making it a 1v1 map. I don't have the fucking patience to structure a 4 player map from it.

Now im going to bed, might try again tomorrow.
modified by Kinosjourney
Dont make it a 1v1 !!!
U just have 2 know how 2 use the space man!!
Open a pro map and see how they use the space, open one that kinda resembles the type of lay out and symmetry u want!
Lol andromeda :D
I've tried to make the remaining 2 mains several times, i've had the map for 1 month and i just can't make symmetric mains. Then after that i gotta make the thirds and that's just bleh.

Heres what i had in mind:

Blue being terrain, red resources, yellow is neutral buildings and white is pathing.

Looks like the map Deliverance, might play around with the middle and general layout but this is what im gonna try first.
modified by Kinosjourney
I'm sorry to bump this but i want that finished :]
Wasted concept if you dont finish it, imo.
Its nice though!
Hey, I've seen this! Isn't this Andromeda?
It's a mix of Andromeda and Fighting Spirit, SiaBBo.

Thanks for showing interest Gnom, i might try to make it work later. But too busy to do it right now :)
modified by Kinosjourney

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