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Last update for (2)Miasma Valley : 2010, 07, 29 13:49
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4157 (2)Miasma Valley 96*128SiaBBo0.1betaground

The map has been rated 54 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (2 elements)

Got bored so made a map, remembered scmdraft, lol. ^^ Tried something new. I made this pretty fast so there may be some bugs in decoration and little stuff, but gameplay should be ok. Will edit deco if this map will work, I have absolutely no clue it'll work like I planed it to. Testing, testing.

Suggestions are welcome.
modified by SiaBBo
Cool map, too many gas expoes near eachothers in middle though. Move them a bit to the sides.
You mean move those two expansions next to edge of the map. Exactly at 9 and 6 o'clock?
Yes, they should be next to the edge of the map
I cant believe it, and actual SiaBBo map!!

At first glance I kinda like it but u absolutely need, need some bridges going on.
The battle field could be better, there is nothing special with the path going main2main. Put the high ground 2 better use.
I would also ad some water.
And finally better/funner expo placement, like those 2 middle expos on the edges look impossible 2 hold.
In fact ALL expos look way to hard 2 secure with the exception of ur main and nat.
Why would you add some water? Where would you add some water?

Yes. I actually agree with expo placement. I kinda like "natural" (not backdoor) concept but I could change those building to Xel' Naga temples so it would be harder to come to the other side.

Middle, yes, kinda agree with that too. I could try to do two different high grounds, maybe something similiar to Blue Storm. Like this, expos could be in better places too. We'll see.
It's pretty ugly, but I actually like it. The main thing I'm concerned about with the map though is that it's too tight where the middle ramp is near the main edge.

Also, how about removing the broken cliff on the map edge side of the mains and adding it on the map middle side of the mains (I'm worried that currently some kind of 2fact siege against protoss could be stronger than normal, or even tank rushes vs zerg, or tvz contains late game involving tanks, where defilers could be too easily sniped).

One idea I have that you certainly don't need to implement (as opposed to most of my ideas, which should always be implemented) is removing the center expo (it's kinda silly and unuseable, these things barely work in huge maps like andro and fs, I don't think they'll work in a smaller map like this; and I know I used it in one of my (2)maps, but it was a "big" (2)map because all the expos were on the outskirts of the map, leaving the middle quite spacious, but your expos are in the middle, which is ok, but it makes the map smaller so I don't think the center expo works) and moving the side center expos towards the openness (the right one moved down, left one moved up) and revamping the middle to be more like (4)wuthering heights' middle (with those center expos sort of in their own pocket). This change would almost undoubtedly be complemented by further warping the middle to make it work better with the map, and to make the map less linear, but I can't predict how that'll work without seeing how you implement the main idea, if you choose to do so.
Oh also, the emptiness to the map edge side of the min onlys is "ok" as far as wasted space goes since technically it could be used by pathing going through the gas expo there, but it seems like when you'd most want/need to use that path it would be unuseable because the mineral formation would still block it, and it wouldn't be as useful once a block or two was mined out. Consider lowing the value of 1 or 2 blocks there and/or adding a few extra blocks with small value. Small value could be anywhere from a 0-value stack to 40, maybe 48 minerals. Consider how you want it to be used. Something like a 0-value stack could make proxys in that expo viable, as would a single 8-block, and anything else would make proxys inviable (16 still viable, since you scout with a 2nd worker), 40 or 48 being heavily standard game-favouring. Another consideration is how hard it is to send workers to that base without some kind of hole. Also I'd remove the neutrals there, they're kind of silly ._. Terran can lift in or hop over with depot, protoss can hop over with pylon, zerg can of course hop a drone over the minerals themselves, etc. I just don't see that they're very useful. If you want players to hop over and expo there without removing the neutrals or removing some small value mineral patch to make a hole, consider making the neutrals higher hp, possibly stacked as well. If you don't want to add a hole, consider switching the neutrals with the mineral formation, potentially in conjunction with making the neutrals higher hp and/or stacked.
Big change. Made this edit before Nightmarjoo's comments so keep that in mind.
Thats + like it, I like this update, cool keep up the G.W.
+1 new middle is way better
I don't remember what the old one looked like, can you post a picture?
it was kinda of a basilica peak in the middle..
This is much, much better then the old version. Looks awesome now :D

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