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Last update for (2)Rift : 2011, 01, 04 03:31
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4226 (2)Rift 128*128K_A0.2betaground

The map has been rated 64 times and got a total of 13 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

I just threw this together and I thought it looked somewhat decent, apart from all the wasted space.
I haven't even started deco.
If you haven't started the deco then good, this map needs serious remake.

-Natural should defend your main.
-3rd gas is in bad position.
-No one takes minonlies. No one takes 4th gas.

This is seriously terran favour cuz terran can hold 3 gasses at one tight spot.

And btw: main should have 9 minerals. And your 4th gas with 5 minerals is stupid, add 2 more fields, same to 3rd.

Overall the map is too tight and really awkard to play.
Too tight, but if you open it up and work on it a bit more it could turn out really great.
The layout isn't bad, just the execution of it is. To build on what Siabbo said: I agree that you should give the min only gas (and pull those two expos apart, they're too close in the middle atm imo). Also, I think the issues with the 3rd gas expo can be mediated by connecting the 3rd and 4th by land. Also, try to add more harass potential (cliffs overseeing expos, etc).

And my #1 suggestion: remake in 96x128. I still am adamant that (2)128x128 maps are inherently bad. Once you do that I think you'll find all those silly broken cliff segments will vanish and the map will come together better size-wise and distance-wise.
you should add another set of ramps to 3rd and make nat choke bigger
Thanks for the suggestions guys
Ok I changed the dimensions
I fixed the natural
Changed 3rd to be much more harrassable (it now might be impossible to hold)
Opened up the middle and removed min-onlies (I can put those back if everyone thinks it could be done)
modified by K_A
I like it alot more now, but it's still ridiculously tight.
It really isn't that tight....
It is very tight in my opinion, imagine trying to stop a big terran army pushing along the middle.
The natural is very big too, you should move the ramp alot closer to the resources IMO.
If I was pushing against a huge Terran army I would use dark swarm ;)
You don't get your Dark Swarm. ;) And Tanks will kill your units anyway.
Widened the paths further
is like my map Dekemvri ;d
Very very weird pathing and it's a long way. Terran push will just kill Protoss.

modified by K_A
I actually have no idea why you are talking about Zealots. And when you are making a map ofcourse you are trying to make it balanced. You are saying that SC isn't balanced cuz you can make map that is more favored with some race, wtf? Why wouldn't you just make balanced map and then the game is balanced too? Is it really that hard?

I really don't know what is your rank at iCCup but I assume it's not that high. Terran push against Protoss is important deal because it is so popular. Your map is really tight and the pathing IS really weird. Whole map seems to even have some "boring" places like those long paths. You should make main to main distance a lot smaller.

Natural is fucked up, that has to be more tighter so you can actually FE. Way too hard 3rd gas for Zerg. Overall the map really looks boring. Expolocations are weird and once again: pathing is really weird.

Starcraft is perfectly balanced to you can just learn to make balanced maps so you can keep SC balanced in your mind. I can choose any game that is really, really, imba if I just edit maps of it. Just make another map and try make it balanced, ok?

IMO large open fields of rocky ground or ruins are boring places, but to make a map that is "Open" enough to fight against a terran push would require it.

I'm assuming that the paths you are talking about are the ones that go to the 3rd? I just really don't want to make that spot have a minonly. Playing Zerg, I have a deep hatred of them.

I opened up the center path to the 3rd and removed the ramp there. That was the only spot that I could open up without the map looking stupid.
modified by K_A
Well, it's a little better now.
I made some minor terrain fixes just now.
Testing the map it's great in everything except tvp. The ramp just outside of the nat give terran a big advantage as they can contain toss really easy.
Best fix I can come up with is to make the terrain on it unbuildable.
modified by K_A
yes we are kiding you it's AUFUL lol
modified by LasTCursE
main2main distance too long

middle would work better if mains were top left and bottom right; the pathing is weird with mains as they are now

too few bases imo; maps typically have atleast 10gas bases

main shape is awkward

no good ovy spot

don't care for the linear path from nat to a highground: makes for annoyingly strong contains (if they ever get there given the long distance between bases); why is that area so tight? nats are too far from middle imo

lol lastcurse
I don't really see how the main can be akwardly shaped O.o. But changing it would just mess up the entire concept so I guess I'm just going to keep it the way it is. It's still really fun to play :D

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