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Last update for (2)myMap : 2011, 01, 10 15:26
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4231 (2)myMap 64*96Legion0.4betaground

The map has been rated 84 times and got a total of 35 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

1st map i made for SCBW.
haven't played in decades and just started again few weeks ago.
Here is my attempt at a semetric 1 on 1 map.
Comments are very appritiated.

IDEA: simple, fast, easy to remember, balanced, meet in the middle 1 on 1 map.
Small main so you have to expand to unprotected places like far natural or wide open mineral only.

ALSO: the map has no name at the moment so ideas are welcome.
modified by Legion
modified by Legion
modified by Legion
Bad map, really. Others can tell you why, but I suggest the map name: Straight Lines
Your comment is very useful, ill take it under consideration :) lolz
Pass on the name, no offence.
Well. You should really look some promaps and learn of them. You need to make clear natural to your map and the can't be to tight. 2 gasses in main is bad and your mineral lines are just ugly. Look some promaps like Fightning Spirit. (you can find it in this website.)
Nice to see new faces around! Welcome to the site!
I recomend you appreatiate what SiaBBo said, just look at the general stucture of maps, (Main, natural, 3rd gas..)
keep it on!
Tnx Gnom for the worm welcome :)
I am aware of the structure of naturals and 3rd/4th gas. The idea is to make something different fresh and out of the box. This forces different strategies and different play, obviosly i have no intension of making this a pro map but i do think (from the few games i played on it) that its fresh different and fun.
When the time comes and there are some replays (mine or hopefully others too) and it is unonimous that this difference is not welcome i will probably change it to adapt. at the meantime i have a general idea in my head of where i wan't this map to go and am looking for advice on balance issues regarding position and races.
As i said think outside the box, not having a "natural" natural or some other feature forces you to play different and different is fresh and phun ^_^

Some ideas in the map:
1) Small main forces you to build outside your comfort zone and figure out how to defend these buildings if by some defence strategy or by always being at the front and therefore not letting your opponent see your undefended buildings.
2) close to each other and far from the main naturals force a constant conflict between the players leading to intensive short games.
3) The simple layout of the map means you can memorize it quickly and play the terrain to your advantage more quickly.
4) The height differences (+ temple wall plats) and the exposure of some locations means that a lot of thought must go into positioning of your forces and may lead to victory or defeat just by position.

These are some of the ideas that wen't into the map and i like them, they might not be implemented properly but that is the direction i want to try and create in this map. That is not to say that any comment are not welcome, all comments are welcome :)

@SiaBBO: Tnx for ur comment.
"You should really look some promaps and learn of them" - I am trying something else on purpose, there are plenty of very good pro maps and i have no intension of competing with them.
"You need to make clear natural to your map and the can't be to tight." - As mentioned above they are tight on purpose.
"2 gasses in main is bad" - please elaborate on why.
"mineral lines are just ugly." - ugly as in visually or how ?
modified by Legion
I know everything about "making something new and funny" cuz I like to do that too. The thing is that you need to still do it so it's balanced. This map is imba. Some tactics win some tactics very easily. If you want to make a map that you can enjoy, make them balanced so you can enjoy them?
I know a lot about "thinking outside the box"... The art and skill of mapping is to create something that is a) at least theoretically ballanced and playable and b) preferebly looks good.
This map does neither.

The issue is a typical one: absolute terran imballance: One narrow path through the middle combined with short main to main distance essentially means no one can stop a tank push by any means. That all the terrain is buildable doesn't help the issue at all because it alows a terran to skimp on Goliaths and use turrets as mineral dump.
2 gas in main only make mass tanks come faster, even without a nat.
And the dropable lateaus in the middle make things even worse because tanks can control half the map from there.
modified by freakling
ty freakling for the constructive input, i will go over your comment again with the map open and think how to solve these issues in a few days when ill have the time :), if u got any ideas they are welcome ^_^
Once i have some solution to these matters ill upload again.
To make it ansolutely clear: It's not about fixing issues, it's about starting over with another map.
64x96 is probably not a good map size, either.
got the point, and started from scratch in space, comments are welcome as always ^_^

--Legion vs Ofiris(1on1, 1.16)

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