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Last update for (5)Overrule : 2020, 12, 05 18:34
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4306 (5)Overrule 128*128sTY_leZerG-eX2.4finalground

The map has been rated 93 times and got a total of 219 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Why do everybody started to do this hiding thing.. I INVENTED IT WHY DO YOU COPYCAT ME!!! DON'T you have any imagination ? :!:!: :D
One of the best badlands maps ive ever seen, SO GOOD :D
Simple, but well executed.

I think the mineral blocks on the chokes are entirely unneeded, chokes seem narrow enough.

And no this time it's not me, either. The unusual terrain choice makes guessing difficult.
Wwelll this is sexy as hell! who did this?
Only name that pops up to me is lezerg cuz of the really blinding picture, its also 768 which he uses so i won't be suprised if it is indeed his map :D

On second view the mineral lines also look like lezerg's work! :

(P4e also does rly blinding pictures but he hasn't made a bw map in a while)
modified by LasTCursE
i agree with you LastCurse, lezerg has alot of contrast in his pictures

this map reminds me of reverse temple
Its lezerg >:O
Me not sure about the... umm low "cliff" at nat. . . looks like only tanks can hit minerals from there. :(
Not sure if there is enough gas?
Dam iT!! :D
I did map with hole purpose to see if i could get one past you Last!! HOW THE HELL!
You are an expert at spotting lezerg maps (:
It's a gift.. and a curse :D:D:D
It's your LasT CursE :D

But you're cheating. Looking for picture colors/brightness is not fair ;P
modified by Freakling
you want me to guees the author blindfolded? :D =P
I really should stop making new maps and actually start finishing the ones I already have.. (I actually have 1 NEW map, SOME ONE SHOOT ME) :(
I need 2 finish maps such as:
(3)Lobster (5)Black Cherry (4)MoonLight Shadow (4)Aquiles (4)Passion 4)Artificial.. and now Overrule!!
Any suggestions?
O.o roll a die?
Fix the dl, plz ;)
WoooOOps! Sry about that.. DL fixed (If you download the melee version you will get a slightly updated, bug fixed version)
So no suggestions or criticism regarding map, guess its solid eh (:
I suggest you finish lobster i like that map alot xD

For this map remove 2 out of the 3 mineral blocks to make it wider and wallable

For Artifical make a less blinding picture xD
modified by LasTCursE
I just looked at this one in the editor... And I must say I am deeply disappointed. There are huge tank holes everywhere and most copy-paste work is surprisingly sloppy and unnecessarily blocky. Additionally the ramps seem to be imbalanced.
I thought you could do better than this, Zerg :(
Well its still... beta 4 a reason..
About the tank holes, Most of em where left on purpose (Not to say that there meant to stay that way) Its just that as you may have noticed, in my maps I love to add a good number of doodads, so those atm are tank holes, but in the future.. (: they are really doodad holes. The low ground parts of the map are supposed to stay walkable for units, including tanks, like a reverse cliff.
My question is.. " most copy-paste work is surprisingly sloppy and unnecessarily blocky" where? what parts? how 2 fix?
And blocky? whats blocky?
.. Specify?
So I trust in you fixing the tank holes :P
The LT cliffs are OK I guess, but make sure they're balanced and not only useful for tanks.

Ramps: The inverted ramps are narrower than the "normal" ones which are definitely wider than "standard" ramps.

Sloppy: Some of the asphalt tiles don't match up or aren't the proper asphalt edge tiles or are wrongly pasted in... Little things like these.

blocky: Please realize that structure terrain has textures that require you to clearly distinguish between left and right tiles. Your copy/paste work entirely ignores this.
unplayably linear (for 1v1), but neat picture
modified by Nightmarjoo
Nightmarejoe is alive! :
Alive and full of many nice things left to say about peoples' maps!
Nightmarjoo!!!!! ahahah u live!! Long time!
Recommendations/critics/suggestions/opinions for map?
How come it unplayable?
Map is meant for 2v2, but is 1s really impossible?
I feel like zvt is a nightmare for z

Yellow - Put tanks here to fuck zerg. Maybe you could put disruption webs there. Or perhaps just drop the whole middle down to asphalt.
modified by Phobic
le sex of thy dreams
Z < T?? Im not so sure.. the nats are super harassable with mutas.. and the middle is very large, great for a flank.. there are a good number of gas expos if u go 1v1 because of the fact that there are 5 bases fully equipped.. and all middle is unbuildable (:

Glad u like it Nasty!! Welcome back!

modified by sTY_leZerg-eX
Fix this or i cant make official version :OOO
modified by crystaldrag
But if zerg does not go mutas he is fucked.
I'm sorry but this is too big a balance issue. Please fix it or submit one of your many, many other well made maps.
modified by Phobic
lol ok, submit whichever ones u like :)
This has been on my unfinished list for some time..

Dicember 2020 I now give you the completed version

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