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Last update for (2)Solaris : 2017, 03, 29 07:15
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4390 (2)Solaris 96*128Jungleterrain0.6experimentalground

The map has been rated 57 times and got a total of 32 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

damn sweet map jungle =)
Ok, so I uploaded this like 5 times. Hopefully the download works.

I made this map during the BWMN Blackout. I like how it turned out.

Initially, I started the map without a concept, but then I was like... "how about I use Forte style mains?" So I did that. Then the natural has a sort of destination/spider monkey style harass area in the back that is blocked off by 3 stacked psi disrupters and 4 stacked gateways.

The eggs allow for another way out of (and into) the main. This allows for players to take a 3rd gas relatively easily, but it might be hard to defend since it has that cliff overlooking it. The neutral sunken colonies are there to provide creep for zerg players to build a static defense.

I tested for wallins, and it's very easy to do so in the main, obviously, but it will be impractical. The smarter choice would be to wall off at the natural. Terrans can wall off with 2 supply and a barracks, and can make it ling tight, I think. Protoss FE wallin should be ok, but I actually haven't tested that.

The map has a LOT of resources at each base. The main has 10 mineral patches, although it might not look like it at first glance. I know there is some positional imbalance with the mains' resource placements, but I placed them in a way that will hopefully not be (easily) tankable from outside or SUPER harass-able by mutas and whatnot.

The natural expansion has 8 patches, the corner HIGH PLATFORM expos have 8 patches, as well, while the corner NORMAL PLATFORM has 7 patches. The other four expos closer to the middle of the map have 8 patches, too. None of the vespene geysers' gas amounts were tampered with.

It turned out as a pretty interesting map, I think. Thoughts?
Took me a while to write that, lol. You beat me to it, LasTCursE!

Oh, and sorry for the crappy picture quality.
modified by JungleTerrain
Uhh... complicated... That cliff behind the nat seems a bit cramped.

Looks like you can get four gas pretty easily by just walling the nat and slowly pushing out through the backdoor ad terran.
I love it! :D
Sexy man, sexy as fuck !!
Blue gas looks preety vulnerable o_O
This map is more confusing than my (2)Dark Apology
Yeah, I can totally see that happening. About the cramped cliff, I can make it bigger, I guess.

Yeah, I know. It took me such a long time trying to get the resources in the mains to feel somewhat comfortable and to get them relatively safe, all without trying to get some massive positional imbalance. No joke, I tried like at least 10 different ways to put the resources and I still wasn't satisfied. That's what I get with this type of concept, though.
And red\'s gas would interfere with stuff rallied to the nat.. =_+

modified by CrystalDrag
Well, I expect players to build most of their production buildings outside the natural, just like in Forte, so that shouldn't be too big of a problem, crystal.
I feel like this is a terran map. The terran can just lift expo both his natural and that thirdish behind the main. He has no problem taking expos even though he can't wall because... shocker... siege tanks. Put some tanks up on that little cliff and youll piss off many opponents in your lifetime.
the problem i think it will have is exactly that players will build everything downstairs which means that their army also will be there or even further in the map so a main drop or muta harras can do alot of dmg : players will have to get turrets and canons almost everygame that's longer than 15 min but that may be a good thing cuz it will encourage drop play ^^
Invert that logic, Last, i.e. substitue Nat for main and it is as true for any other map.

But I agree on the terran aspect. And terran can wall and then just move out with a huge blob through the backdoor and up the hill for +2 gas... Zerg would likely go the other way, taking the corner hill expo, but having difficulty getting a secure 4th gas without opening the backdoor. So you get a terran sieged up on a hill with four gas and a walled front door vw. zerg with maybe five gas and two open fronts to defend.

I think making that backdoor corner expo a minoly would actually be a good idea.
If I make the backdoor corner expo into a mineral only, should I make it cliffable by that little cliff, which currently overlooks the gas there, or should I simply remove the gas?

I can also make the entrance into the corner backdoor expo a bit bigger. Would that help?

Another thing is that I can add yet another neutral sunken colony where the backdoor corner expo is so terran cannot just simply float a CC there without getting rid of the creep. Then I can simply put the sunken colony out of the reach of tanks from the main, forcing the terran to clear the eggs if they want to get their backdoor mineral only.

Yet another suggestion, but I can remove some mineral patches and/or decrease vespene geyser values through the backdoor and the other expo on the hill in front of the backdoor corner expo to make that side of the map "less valuable to take".

Tell me if you guys think these suggestions would help or not so I can implement them. Thanks!


☼ Removed gas from corner expos, rotated their mineral lines
☼ Red's mineral line moved counterclockwise.
☼ Removed 1 mineral patch from hill expos at middle of map (through the backdoor).
☼ Drop spot behind natural expansion made bigger.
☼ Added 6 cool-looking ramps ;)
☼ Fixed neutral sunken colony placement to provide equal amount of creep at mirrored locations.
☼ Removed some unbuildable doodads around plateau expos at 10ish and 5ish o clock expos


Hopefully everything works. The creep in the picture is missing except for one neutral sunken colony.
modified by JungleTerrain
I don't know what black magic you did with the image but it freaking hurts my eyes. Perhaps too much contrast?
You took lezerg's title for most blinding picture lol
Gimmicks like picture touchups dont work on me. If your map is good you shouldn't have to edit the picture.
I did the picture like that so you could notice the ramps better at 3 and 9. You can see the contrast there pretty well. I overdid it, though.

What about the map? People aren't going to play starcraft on the map picture...
Picture fixed.

What do you guys think about the edits?
modified by JungleTerrain
I think the map looks really good.
And those ramps awe hawt. :D
They need to be fixed
:O Then get them fixedd :D
I will use those ramps alot if you get them running ^^
picture is definitely not as bad
Well, what about the map, though?
That's debatable,
What's debatable?
Like it. But don't ask me how it would play out O_o. I need to have a closer loog at those ramps :)
Obs version added.

Idk if those ramps are good, but w/e

Reason is I actually checked my ramps not too long ago and they were glitched. I fixed them but the file is on my computer... when I get home I will update with fixed ramps.

-Fixed ramps.
-Only melee version updated.

I realized I should probably do resource testing on this if I'm already going back to update it...
eh for another time.

Observer is old map file

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