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Last update for (2)Naen : 2011, 08, 17 08:27
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4408 (2)Naen 96*96Ivena0.1betahybrid

The map has been rated 57 times and got a total of 5 points

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A lot of articles read and a lot of experiments done before creating this one.
Ivena ? you a female map maker? :o
Yeah, are you wandered?
And you called me a mapmaker, this is just my first official map!
Nice welcome :) hope to see more maps from you
^^ Welcome to site.
First thing that strikes me is the minerals and gas and the mains. You have 7 minerals and one gas on the right. You know about the gas issue, so that is very well, but most people prefer it to be on top. Minerals at the mains are typically 9 minerals, as to balance Zerg vs Anything. The main is also fairly large, incouraging air play/drops.

Next is the natural, which only has 6 minerals. This is very bad, because all races need the second gas. Mineral amount at the naturals is usually 7 or 8 mineral patches

The island does not need all those mineral blocks. :) I am sure you can get rid of at least five of them.

Then there is your neutral island, with three minerals on one each side and a neutral gas. This island could be moved over as to provide more space for the middle.

The middle has 6 supply depots. I see you know how to wallin zergling tight walls. But the middle is very tight, unsuitable for protoss and zerg versus terran.

Last thing i have to comment is about how the map looks. ^^ There are alot of straight lines, and they dont look "natural" like real mountains would.Your minerals can have better placement for better mining time.

^^ Good luck, have fun.
And if i forgot, welcome to the site agian. :D
Good to have female of the human race to join
modified by CrystalDrag
LOL at crystal comment xD
Why didn't you comment like that on my first maps? Or on my last maps D:?
Is because i'm not female xD?

Ivana, is good that you read the articles and made experiment before posting your first map. I didn't and it was bad. xd (actually is still bad, bue i'm trying to improve :D!)

But you need to watch other maps to know how a good map look.

And welcome to the site :D!

Jes exactly Artimes. Cause your not female. xD
Hi again and thank you all for the advises.
I'll fix the minerals, but why should I place the gas on the top? It is good on the left as I have placed them, there is no Gas Issue.
And please, stop arguing, guys, just look the pritty map on the front page!
^-^ You are not american are you?
Im just saying, most people prefer it on top, but its still fine on the left. :D
And its normal for me and Arctimes to argue alot. :D
"Most people prefer on top" LOL :D

modified by LasTCursE
Stop arguing!
Ivena doesnt like it.
SOME PEOPLE PREFER IT IN THE TOP LEFT AND BOTTOM RIGHT CORNERS. (which when placed right is also balanced)
I already see what's happening. Look you horney interfucks first of all online gender is never certain. Second of all she's probably thousands of miles away from you. I will actually respect you and treat you how I treat every new mapper. You've done well for a first map but it is still a first map and I'm sure there is more to come. I hope these monkeys don't drive you away. It is understandable as bwmn has never really had gender diversity.
modified by Phobic
..Im not a "horney interfuck" .. I have a girlfriend...
Someone's feeling insecure?
Someone who insults others to hide their own weaknesses.
I dont know.. That seems to be what you are doing...
That might be a valid argument if I had weaknesses.
What the fuck is wrong with you? The very moment a girl show up (or at least some one who pretends to be female, no imputation intended) you all go crazy... That's just embarrassing.

The map is just bad, though. There's no edit below making an entirely no map that could make something useful out of it. That's not neccessarily bad though, if you have learned some things about using the editor while making this.
Freakling what was your first map on bwmn?
Completely out of curiousity
modified by Phobic
I was just kiding lol

phobic seemed to understand it in a wrong way! ^^
modified by LasTCursE
looks almost like a blizzard map.. islands dont look expandable in.. I also say T map


But (4)Schizophrenia is probably the oldest conceptwise.
modified by Freakling
Aren\'t you and Crackling the same person ?

About the map i would sugest adding some sort of bridges and redoing or removing that expo so you open a bit of a battle field or you can use the big ice bulb too..

Too much tankholes ever for me to ignore try making stuff unwalkable (and well shaped if you want it to look nicely)

The Start locations don't seem very safe to me the way they are you might wanna move em more to the inside of the main and let ppl build the army producing buildings near the main choke

Natural should be smaller with a tighter choke you could achieve that by pushing it more outwards (red's up,greens's down)

The island between the bases dosen't need that much blocks try putting less but in good spots so they block the maximum space and you can succesfully block it with 3 in my opinion

You should try to avoid using
Unbuildable/unwalkable doodads into the mains them self unless they are next to the walls so they don't interupt the game in any way :

And also try to use the maximum potential of the map space you have :)

Green Mineral Lines
Yellow Unwalkable/Unbuildable ground
Orange Walkable Grounds
Blue Dots mineral blockers
Red Bridges

Just a suggestion.. :)
modified by LasTCursE
Definitely not.
I had made the same assumption. wow...
Also look in the site we have a very rich collection of ramps and stuff like that..
Get SCMDraft 2.0 Beta
I actualy like this concept alot :)
Hi again!
The concept isn't bad, but if there are some bridges zerg can reach you easier or there will be so much supply depots, and I don't know how to put these bridges, the map editor doesn't allow it - they are too long!
Thanks for the mineral placement concept, it will be safelier.
And about the map editor: I have SCMDraft 2.0 Beta, but it is harder to work with, much harder than Staredit,
the only easier thing for me is symmetry.
Is there a tutorial how to work with it, and if yes, please write me the links as I can read them!
Harder to work with?! The UI is just like StarEdit, but with lots of useful extra functions.
Download bridge palletes (i think i have some uploaded in my profile) open them with scmDraft Shift Select the bridge and put it in the place you want :)

Ah Yeah also whne you upload a map here go to Edit map and reupload the dl of the map cuz it\\\\\\\'s always broken the first time lol

Here made you a tutorial on how to do it
modified by LasTCursE
Thank you so much for the tutorial, this week I will try to fix my map.
And can you tell me what does \"UI\" means?
Sorry, but I am not very good with termonology in IT.

P.P. How can I change my nickname color?
modified by Ivena
UI is unit interface.

:D you change your color by making an account, with the format:
[Your name]
what format ? lol
Oh damn lol XD it changed!
Unit Interface? lol...

User interface... But you can yourself a "unit" if you prefer, Crystal.
UI is unit interface"

LOL faaaaiiiillll
Seems crystal dosen't know much about IT either :D

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