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Last update for (4)TalDarim Altar : 2012, 05, 18 15:05
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4495 (4)TalDarim Altar 128*128NegativeZero0.3betaground

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Comments:   GMCS (26 elements)

I think I suffer from compulsive mapmaking disorder lol...

Anyway, this is my third SC2 to BW map port. This time it's of the legendary Tal'Darim Altar by LSPrime, one of the first non-Blizzard maps to be used in professional SC2 competition. The map is very heavily based on BW maps, so gameplay should be fairly standard except for the siegeable naturals (not sure how big of a deal that will be).

The original map:

And I have a newfound respect for those who make rotationally symmetric maps on a regular basis, gained after spending way too much time making grids with turrets and drawing in terrain edges with cannons:

Edit: Also I'm considering changing the gaps between the mains and min only bases to high temple walls, should I do it?
modified by NegativeZero
I like it ^^
I'd actually thought about doing this but actually you probably did it better than I ever could.

I feel like 4th is much easier to take on this map than the SC2 version because the choke is small.

May I ask why 3rd is min only?
I intentionally narrowed the chokes at the 4ths so zergs can take those as their 3rd gas. 3rd gas in BW is usually farther away but easier to defend than in SC2. Also it's so protoss can wall with pylons to protect against vulture harassment and stuff.

3rd bases are min only just so there isn't too much gas on the map - I think 16 gas is a bit too much for BW.

Look at the pro map Aztec for an example - the expo closest to the main is min only, and the 3rd gas expo is farther away but has a very small ramp. It's a pretty good arrangement in my opinion.
Maybe it's just me but Red and Teals main look a bit smaller.
I think they are a little smaller but their shape enables more efficient building placement than the other mains, so it evens out a bit.
Heres a list of what I would do:
Personally I would add gas and mins (8M1G) to the 3rds.

And I would make the 3rds more defensible.
By either closing them off a bit with a thin temple wall (so that P can wall with 3 pylons) or I would reduce the size of the high ground and ramp out of the thirds (like Jade). This second option is a bit drastic though and changes the map quite a bit. It would allow you to move the 4ths closer to their owners though and away from the cliffs.

Add minerals to the 4th. (7/8M1G)
Also eat into the triangle of water to make teal and red main slightly bigger, or switch to high temple as you are considering. Similarly make purp and blue mains slightly smaller with extended cliff.
Are the mains meant to cliff the 4ths? To make teal and red not cliff the 4th would be a bit harder. But purp and blue main need to ideally be a bit smaller anyway.
Also, quite a lot of buildable space around the naturals on lowground to think about.
Probably should make the gap between main and 2nds thinner. (as thin as a standard ramp so lurkers can more easily hold vs marines when defending the 3rd gas zvt, especially as they wont have the high ground).

Aesthetically, lose the 4 pillars in the centre cus they cover up the windmill things.

Excellent map. You levelled up again!

Inherent things that this layout causes to balance (ie naturals that move towards the centre rather than hug the edge):
Helps the immobile race because natural to natural is shorter.
Air distance is shorter, and larger area to cover vs air.
Posted on TL but this looks sick. I elaborate in the TL post.
Good hob overall... But there are a few probelems, which (not a surprise) derive frome the fact that this is an almost exact conversion. To get a good SC1 map you need to "reinterpret" the features of the map a bit.

I added a ton of GMCS, top right shows problems, bottom left my suggestions to fix them.

Some other suggestions:

Use ramp-to-jungle blends (with ruin-edges) to make the middle greener (like in Jungle's Gemlong).

Be a bit more creative/diversified in what you do with doodads.

Somehow this map lacks decent ovi spots... The ones i the original got lost when you turned them into low ground. I know that temple ovi spots are hard to make when there are cliffs nearby... So leave these out until you've done everything else...

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