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Last update for (2)Raid-Assault_2.0 : 2009, 01, 08 19:51
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
45 (2)Raid-Assault_2.0 96*128skb9728_CyGnus1.7league

The map has been rated 56 times and got a total of 94 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

diminate posted these statistics in an other mapcomment:

T : P = 7 : 20
Z : P = 21 : 10
Z : T = 35 : 27

(for raid assault)

I find that _very_ suprising, I chose this map as my home map in BWCL as terran player, and zerg players just hate this map, they all agreed the map is disfavoring them a lot. Are you sure these statistics are right?
He also posted that few gas were advantage for zerg, which is nonsense of course. I think the statistics would make more sense if reversed -_-;
agreed, this map is pure T ownage.
there is no way to stop him. well, you could try fast carriers T_T
Well, I double check it, the result is correct. It is total result of both R-A 1 and R-A 2.

T : P = 5 : 12
Z : P = 13 : 6
Z : T = 28 : 18

T : P = 2 : 8
Z : P = 8 : 4
Z : T = 7 : 9

These are what I found in Korean site UZOO. And this site is famous for good progamer statistics.
In R-A 2 Terran slighty better than Zerg but others are still severly unbalanced.

It is certain that few gases are disadvantage for zerg vs terran. But vs protoss, 2 gases is not enough for protoss. Protoss needs at least 1 more gas expansions. However R-A is not good for taking extra gas other than first expansion. I think I made you to misunderstand.

And basically multi-route map is good for zerg, since zerg forces are the fastest and the best in guerrilla. Narrow ways and hills seems to be favor of Terran but the designer reduced the merit of hill by widening the hill. And if you want to secure the center, you have to come down to the center. Staying on the hill does not mean the secure of the center. And if terran come down to the center, there is a chance for others to destroy terran forces since there are many ways to get into the center.

And the existance of the alternative route is always stress for Terran. Terran forces cannot move effectively, so if the forces stays on the hill, it cannot manage the sneak attack from behind effectively.

And also Carrier is terribly powerful in this map. If you hold the terran force in the center and prepare carrier, it is quite difficult for terran to manage it.

These are my opinions about the map. It was also a surprise for me that T:P is almost triple score, but It seems quite understandable.

Good post. I guess my main advantage was not being terran, but knowing the map much better than my opponent (R-A is not very known in germany). I always chose "underground maps", that probably gives me 2 extra wins a season :]

Still, I feel like TvZ should at least favor terran, zerg FE would be very risky, he can't guard all with sunken. But well, maybe zerg would just use zergling more and rape terran who moves out too fast...
Does anyone know why this map has been used from so many Proleague ZvZ matches?
Looks like it can be used even nowadays so far you play zvz,pvp,tvt don't you think so?
The ground distances are long compared to the air distances, making fast muta play even more powerful. Also the various backdoors can be used very nicely in zvz. It's a nice map for zvz.

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