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Last update for (4)HIZAKI v1.04 : 2012, 10, 27 04:54
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4513 (4)HIZAKI v1.04 128*128CrystalDrag0.5betaground

The map has been rated 45 times and got a total of 23 points


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WwwWooOOoOOOWwww Coo0ol~!!!!!!
Interesting... But too much snow (guess that's why it's called Blinding Frost)...

Given that whoever did this caused massive cover-bugs by making the snow unbuildable and used a lot of height-bugged tiles for the ramps makes me think it's a korean mapper, just because I have seen a lot of these failures on a bunch of recent intothemaps...

At least I really hope it's not Crystal or StyleZerg, because that would mean they just ignored my tile guide...

Also the mains are too small to be that exposed...
modified by Freakling
I like it, but Oh Em Gee it hurts the eyes
Choice of name is very appropriate lol. Other than that it looks good, although the long ramps are kind of pointless since half of it just leads straight into a cliff.
I don't think the long ramps are pointless. They give a defensive positional advantage, and they are another way of creating chokepoint leading up to the nat.

wonder who's the author, though.

Oh BTW, i got a new laptop, so I'll need to transfer all my files or something
modified by JungleTerrain
It's called USB. Connects to stick-shaped thingies and, occasionally, rather bigger disc-ish stuff... Does the job just fine ;)

Oh, there's also something called "the cloud"... Guess it's something to do with rain or something...
Changed the tiles around. zzz used tiles from the outpost and cliff ramps so should be okay...

Main ramp wallable with one rax one depot
nat choke wallable with one rax two depot
3rd ramp blockable with 4 pylons

@Freakling Korean mapper it was hahaha.
reason i chose snow was simply because it was not present on the newest update section. Space would be terrible for these kind of ramps.

Changed name because this for Versailles' hiatus
modified by CrystalDrag
No, high outpost ramps are bugged, too [terrain level bug]. You need to use tile inices 0508 and 0515.
give Me a picture of them in the tile index of SCMDraft2 and i change it?
Wont help, there are low ground tiles that look just the same... But It's the high-outpost-cliff-section of the palette if that helps.
There we go -.-' meh.
U know i love ice!
Observer version uploaded
Expoing on this map is VERY HARD. I must say that there are three major reasons for this.

1 Expoing to your natural
The main-natural choke is going uphill which means that you have to build at your natural asap if you want to surely secure it. I'd make sure this can't be walled in from the natural side.
2 Expoing to your third.
You have to either go ALL THE WAY AROUND to get your third, or expand across a wide open plane. The alternative is bashing down temples which is slow and opens your third up to be very unsafe. Id just move the temples to the ramp I marked red.
3 Expoing your forth.
Securing this base means you have to stretch your army. You will be heavily susceptible to backstabs at your forth, natural, and third.
4 This area is important to defend because a major enemy army cannot engage you on even ground. It makes defending your other bases from vultures/zerglings/drops very tedious.
5 I\\\'d add overlord spots here just so zerg can scout the map mid game.
modified by Phobic
modified by Phobic
tried thiss... shrank thirds for more main room, and move some temple around...
ThoughtS? old version in in Phobics picture
I don't like the changes. In the previous version the 3rd was a little challenging to take, but you could feasibly expand either clockwise or counterclockwise. Now you basically only have 1 option for a 3rd - moving the temples makes the entrance to the counterclockwise 3rd so far away that you might as well just take the nearby natural instead.
What i was thinking. !@#$ phobic's picture :)
if i was to move the temples back, the next question is whether to keep the new size 3rds or old one. .-.
will move the temples to the middle expansions back... dont know why i did those
modified by CrystalDrag
fixed pathing issues with the tmeples... it !@#$%
i had to move entire 12 oclock one tile and blend it ..
protoss can now FE with one gate+forge (egg is 5/5 pixels off the normal building grid, so lings will not be able to pass above/left of gateway at SW

terran still need 1 rax 2 depot
all 3rds still 3 pylon

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