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Last update for (6)Titan : 2020, 06, 15 20:07
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4518 (6)Titan otherCavalier0.3betahybrid

The map has been rated 56 times and got a total of 15 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

First, if there is already a picture, it isnt for this map. second, it's the same one i posted as 'Titan' earlier but with default settings, closer resources, etc. I will not consider this map finished until it has at least a 40 pt rating.

Third, i don't know what UMS means, or a lot of the terms u guys use here. That, and it's been 3 years since i stopped making maps, most of which were made while i played all the korean SC players in high school, as well as most of my friends, who are digital artists and character designers(they are trying to make their own game for all genres of game.).

This is basically what i am able to make with what designs i can remember from the last time i made maps.

I still encourage bluntness and harshness, so say what you feel the map should be described as.
UMS means the map needs to be played in the mode "Use Map Settings", ab. UMS.

I'm assuming this map is for FFA (free for all). You should still have each starting position with the same vulnerabilies
the map is actually meant for team play, and it's still a beta. I havent been able to test it with anyone yet, but tomorrow i'm getting a couple friends to come over and help test in melee, ffa, TvB, and UMS. once that's done, and i've got their input, i'm going to update t, and will do so after every game i have with them.

If you haven't actually played the map, and are just basing you comments or ideas on the picture, it's the picture from the half-assed one i did first. I say this because, for some reason, I am seeing the picture for my Madmen map as the pic for Titan.
modified by Cavalier
why would you upload a misleading picture???
i didnt. someone else did because i CAN'T. the laptop i use will NOT let me download anything that is a .zip file, or winzip itself. also the pic was uploaded for madmen before i deleted both maps. Idk why it shows for Titan.
I generally like concepts out of the usual frame, but still this one has very tight paths.
have you made anther other maps?
Not sure if the pic is the actual map. (according to the first map comment)

When I click on map image I get an error.

Map definitely looks fun, and could be cool for you to play this between your friends or something (knowing "this is my map")

From a more competitive stand point this really doesn't work. Its way to tight and its lacking many basics.

However, I like this and I encourage you to keep Mapping!! :D

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