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Last update for (3)Demonio Azul_2.09 : 2023, 06, 06 08:08
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4536 (3)Demonio Azul_2.09 128*128LasTCursE; Edited by Freakling1.2betaground

The map has been rated 63 times and got a total of 75 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

My work-in-progress edit of (3)Blue Devil...
Another edit I am working on, also currently still in its infancy stages, just posted it to give you the idea and get some feedback.

Original map:

modified by Freakling
Blue natural tankability
Positional balance will be accounted for...
So far it's not even playable yet, but all the changes I wanted to make are sketched out.
modified by Freakling
Ah i see now that i flickered between the two different pictures.
I look forward to updates :)
I like this :D reminds me of...uhh..i dunno...cant think of which map it was...moon glaive?
Cool. Are the mains big enough?
Baring minor adaptions, they are.
Actually I am wondering how you are not pointing out how they are totally too big ;P
modified by Freakling
I consider this version playable. Deco yet needs to be refinished...

I am wondering whether I should make the mein chokes (partially) unbuildable or not... I guess having an even-ground choke that's wallable with only one building is all right, though...
modified by Freakling
Observer version added.

And the top spawn has hallucinated minerals to force worker spawn on the right side now.
Hey guys! Just paying a little visit ;) mice maps Freakling! U have been busy
Update: version 2.01

* tightened natural chokes
* tightened ramps to thirds
* moved ramp to third and mineral only on left side, to improve on symmetry
* some small terrain adjustments here and there...
* debugged and balanced resources
Hmm so we still never found out who made (3)Blue Devil.
modified by CardinalAllin
Their own fault...
If the original author of the map chooses to step out and claim it, I'm sure Freakling would be more than willing to give credit where it is due.

I am already crediting them, by the pseudonym of their choice.
Mains are frickin crazy huge. do you think arbiters will be totally imba in TvP late game?
modified by Freakling
it's still jungleterrains... flagstone is close enough to jungle.
also rhe map was left unfinished...
and jungle smiled up there...

judging from te spawn positions, if protoss spawns cohnterxlockwise then the arbiter has to tr el a long was to avoid terran's amry moving out
clokwise spawning terran is pushing that way anyway, and protoss has to fo in clockwise..
no haha its actually not mine
Sorry, crystal, I think your typo level exceeded the critical threshold of indistinguishability there, so I am not 100% positive I get what you meant all the time:

"judging from t[h]e spawn positions, if protoss spawns cohnterx[c]lockwise then the arbiter has to tr[av]el a long wa[y]s to avoid terran's a[rm]mry moving out[,]
clo[c]kwise spawning terran is pushing that way anyway, and protoss has to fo[fe?!] in clockwise [direction].. "

^Is this what you meant?

Jungle, you are a terran player: What do you say about Arbiter threat levels?
i suppose it could be stylezerg...
or testbug or nightmarjoo

i guess being a random player means im not that good at knowin balance :)
modified by CrystalDrag
modified by CrystalDrag
Too well executed for Nightmarjoo.
Testbug wouldn't have made the middle the way it was originally.
STyleZerg... could be... But I cannot remember him smurfing ever before.
Arbiter threat levels?

Arbiters are very threatening in general.

1 recall can quickly decide the game...
If you are worried about how easy/difficult an arbiter has it to get to somebody's main, I would just say to not worry about it because something as lategame as such a scenario would be difficult to "balance".

Besides, a Protoss player will always find a way to get a recall off.
Map description now says:

"Laplace's demon knows, who made this map."

modified by Freakling
Update for map pack
- changed nats
Gonna ask fry, if they accept this one, too, even though author is unknown...
observer version fixed.

- narrowed ramps to 3rds
- updated resources to fit my current standards
Good change with the smaller ramp.
Yeah, it needed to be, because with as few expos as this and a clear precedence to expand counterclockwise for a third, that safer 3rd gas wass needed, I think.
Who else thinks that SCII maps are looking like cartoon in comparison with original?
Everything in SC2 looks, and sounds, like plastic. I guess plastic's modern nowadays.
Update to version 2.05

Added additional ramps to the centre plateau.
Update to version 2.06
  • some fine tuning to all the middle ramps, taking terrain levels from my ramp catalogue into account.
  • fixed a vision bug where you could get ground vision of part of the 5 o'clock minonly from the adjacent main through the vertical cliff.
  • updated observer verion.
  • Fixed another vision bugged, caused by a faulty doodad, that allowed units from the low ground at the 5 o'clock 3rd to partially look up the ramp.

modified by Freakling
oh nice! I didn't know u had a TL thread for your maps. and the ramp catalog is nice
Update: Version 2.07

  • changed some cliff corner tiles in the wall around the mains that did not block vision correctly due to lack of sufficient medium ground subtiles (which made them being considered low ground for LOS determination)
  • various pathing bug fixes and optimizations for bases in the SE quadrant of the map (rest had no problems remaining).
The 3rds are really big with 2 ramps on opposite sides, and that could cause a problem when trying to hold the 3rd in zvt. I would think you would need at least 6 Lurkers to hold the 3rd for zerg. If you have to move your lurkers from one side to the other it will take a considerable amount of time. the 3rd is super close to the counter clockwise base (actually im not even sure which 3rd is whos). I suppose zvt the only 3rd base zerg can really take and hold is the other main. reds natural looks like it could be hit by tanks, its hard to tell whats exactly there in the screen shot. but this map looks pretty cool.
Melee download is 1.22 version now, observer download is the 1.16 version. I also updated the picture.
Looks solid!
Is there no way to make blues nat more vulnerable?
It looks like the best spawning location by quite a bit.
This map was accepted into the map pool of Season 11 of the largest foreign BW league (BSL)

Congratulations Freakling and LastCurse. Hopefully this accomplishment serves as a morale boost for foreign map makers and a victory for the foreign map making scene.

#mapping renaissance

This map is also being featured in our best of the best tournament:
modified by ox[tQ]
Please consider adding some high ground in the middle of the map. The entire game is played with 0 vision, the only place for an overlord is the natural. Makes it very uncomfortable to play on. Otherwise the map seems decent, although rush distance feels rather short (?).
The newest version has Overlord spots on both sides of the natural and at the mineral only for each spot.
Update: version 2.09
  • Adjustments to main chokes
  • Adjustments to natural chokes to allow for better wall-ins in various matchups
  • Equalized Overlord spots around the edges of the mains (at natural and mineral only)
  • Some other fixes and changes
  • Decoratio update
  • Subsequent pathfinding readjustments

modified by Freakling
Nice work. I like it.

I think that 3o' and 7o' nats are exposed directly from the large ramp of basilica, but 11o' isn't. Maybe it would be a small advantage to 11o' in defending between nat and 3rd base.
It may not be easy, but I think it will be solved by moving whole 11o' to the right about 6~8 grids.
Hey LatiAs, nice to see you around again.

The better solution would probably be to modify the ramp angle.

When will we see a proper update for Eclipse ?
What update are you talking about? 1.2?
I am still hoping for 1.3. 1.2 only moved 2 mineral patched around in the top right main.
Hmm I think it would be okay to maintain the current Eclipse, but I will consider it if there is a good suggestion for modification.
How about fixing all the cliff vision and pathfiding bugs?

--SCRVN vs [nG]kiCk(1on1, 1.16)

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