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Last update for (4)Fighting Mancha 0.3 : 2023, 03, 30 09:27
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4569 (4)Fighting Mancha 0.3 128*128NegativeZero0.4betaground

The map has been rated 59 times and got a total of 22 points

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Comments:   GMCS (5 elements)

Really boring standard 4p map, nothing new concept-wise - it's mostly Fighting Spirit with bits of Teru and Gemlong added in. But what I was trying for here was complete positional balance - expanding in either direction is as close to completely equal as possible. Obviously it's not exact - I think the 3rd gas bases need to be moved slightly clockwise, among other things - but I'll keep fine-tuning it.

Edit: Might try to add some ramps (maybe spiraling?) to the center to make it a little more original, not sure how that'll affect the middle base.
modified by NegativeZero
Right now the mineral onlies are just right in the way of main pathing and you have to go all the way around them to set up flanks.
Version 0.2 changes:

-Middle edited so that the map rips off La Mancha as well as FS

The side low-ground paths should reduce the rush distance and allow harassment/counterattacks to bypass the center later in the game
modified by NegativeZero
I think you should get rid of those small cliffs in front of the nats, and probably the centre expo, too and add some cliffs or water to make the nat chokes less exposed instead.
middle looks more like gladiator
yes, remove the random high ground
add water yes.
Less exposed in what way? I assume you mean adding more cliffs/water on the side so less of the choke can be sieged by tanks on the other side of the high ground - or did you mean in front of the choke, to reduce the openness and constrict the attacker's army?
modified by NegativeZero
I dislike this "clone" terminology. I'd prefer to say it shares a base concept.
is this name better?
check gmcs
Lol almost every single map: check tanks
i think he's still working on the layout

red is farther from 9 o'clock than blue is from 6 o'clock.
edit: never mind
modified by NegativeZero
Version 0.3 changes:

-Removed high ground pillars in middle
-Added additional unpathable high ground behind nats
-Slightly adjusted a couple ramp positions (everything should basically be completely symmetrical now)

It might take a while because I'm lazy, but I'm considering shifting all 4 center ramps slightly counterclockwise so they're about evenly spaced between nats instead of slightly closer to the clockwise player as they are now.

Edit: not going to do it lol, it would screw up the middle base and constrict the entrances to the center ramps on one side - also the ramps aren't as asymmetrically positioned as I originally thought
modified by NegativeZero
This map hasnt been updated for a few weeks.
I downloaded Blender the other day ;)

I was going to start making a 4 player rotational version of Switchblade on the Jungle tileset.
Then I thought about this template you have made and thought I would play around first.

Your description is that you want this map to have equal opportunity to expand in either direction so you probably wont like this mockup.

But incase you do, the idea is there.

I think I could continue it. Of course with your credits in it.
You mean to continue CardinalAllin's idea right?
modified by addressee
Btw your render is cool CardinalAllin
Does somepne know a map maker software?
Staredit one

Scmdraft two
I use SCMDraft2 version "Beta 0.9.10"
Me 2
It is odd without many terrain haha
Its uncompleted.
But the concept could be added on

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