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Last update for (3)Frozen Canal v1.8 : 2017, 06, 08 10:16
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4637 (3)Frozen Canal v1.8 128*128CrystalDrag0.4betaisland

The map has been rated 49 times and got a total of 20 points

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This post is not displayed due to its content
aren\'t straight up air battles imba?
EDIT - ohh creep will definitely help balance.
modified by Phobic
compensate for Z by having no turret space?
Did you use creep spawners? NYDUS RUSH :D
indeed i used creep spawners. Also these isolated patches allow drops spots for safe places, and the well intended nydus usage.

Want to test this out traceurling?
modified by CrystalDrag
And to hide your queens nest
USEast Traceurling??
I can't play at home :(

I would use more of that middle water space...
- ... for making the in-between-mains expos not tankable from each other (keeping some of the dropable outpost cliffs would be good to help P&T though, I think.)
- ... to give the mains some more space
- ... to make the nats closeer together/to the middle and farther from the main (like isle of siren), which would help Zerg tremendously in early game
This post is not displayed due to its content
Yeah, should be OK.
But is this layout okay?
Looks good.
Can you make a picture with creep?
How do you do that?
Creep colonies in 2 different configurations, and then interlace the two pictures, was my solution...
I am afraid i am far too lazy. :D
Red has the least vulnarable minerals and Not a fan of the outpost expansions the rest seems cool
Can you place those floor traps thus that they still allow Zerg to build? One can use an overlord, of course, but I find it annoying with scout timings to use one (first will have to wait at the expo for pretty long, second comes too late...
Damn I should have just killed your gateways... Only 3 goons, and corsairs much too late...
modified by Freakling
Oh like what you did with urban warfare tactics? I can do that. :)
I still thought you were terran. So that game doesnt count :D

But that game i went pylon forge cannon nexus :)
modified by CrystalDrag
*made the mining for NE and SE better mining (was quick fix with just one race, soo...)
*Made generators ling tight.
*move the floor traps so zerg do not need their overlord there, but T and P still
Minor Decoration added.
I tile edited half the map full of ice: "Minor decoration added"

If that's your minor decoration I cannot wait to see your major one...

Can one drop on these or are they really just deco?
They really are just deco, or harrasment with tanks would just be silly.
Drop goliaths like that one epic comeback on paradoxxx2
Then can you make them more realistic looking, with more cracks and in smaller pieces?
i suppose...
i also will have ursadons on the ice :(
modified by CrystalDrag
What? How? Where would they fit in, anyway, unwalkablbe ice is tank-hole free... And Ursadon's are just as fat as tanks.
Still don't like the 3 clumped island expos.. have you thought about making one for each main reachable by ground if you destroy the buildings and may be put tougher buildings for that expo xD

Added some GMCS
modified by LasTCursE
Your GMCS are somewhat screwed up...

Also, in case you have not read it yet, iCC.Fry asks for your iCCup account name (so he can award you icons of glory for Blue Devil/Demonio Azul).

And I think the amount of expos is pretty OK. 15 expos with 15 gas on an island map this size is not over the top... Maybe the gas count on the close-by islands could be lowered though.

Not sure, if having 4 ground accessible expos on an island map isn't way too macro-ish...

But I'd use stronger buildings anyway. It's an island map, so one will have a bunch of units hanging around, doing nothing in particular, for extended amount if times, where they are free to tear down those buildings.
In our test games Crystal had always broken them open easily long before my drop or Nydus tech was ready...
What do you mean by 4 ground accessible expos i can see only 1 and it's pretty much screwed if they put a tank next to it :D i think it should have a safer expo that's harder to get and if players feel it's worth the time even break the buildings to get that expo first instead of the middle one makes map a bit more interesting in my opinion : )

And i saw the gmcs don't know what's up with that o.O

Added new ones (that work xD)
modified by LasTCursE
The ice is undroppable, we already cleared that up, thus the nats are not not tnakable.

And I was referring to your suggestion to connect the two closest expo to the main, which would effectively give 4 ground-reachable gas to each player.

GMCS are probably a problem with some special characters...

okay i will replace them with psi disruptors and shatter the ice. no ursandons :((
the three expansions i will lower in value... during the test games i would always triple expand as protoss o.o
perhaps 3500gas/1000minerals? gas needed alot for island map

Edit :

the 6 close islands to main
*2500 gas
*one mineral is 500
now 6 psi disruptors on bridge

not uploaded yet, working on the ice terrain... They will still have their overwall snowflake shape.
modified by CrystalDrag
Sounds good.
This post is not displayed due to its content
This post is not displayed due to its content
"I meant to make only 1 by ground leave the other one to be island so you practicly have 3 gas not 4 : )"
That makes forced expansion one way which leads to positional imbalance...
and fuck siege tanks. All my maps ive been doing 12 matrixes distance....
I don't get how a symetrical third expo will lead to positional imbalance..
Obviously one player will be expanding towards their enemy while the other is expanding away..
Upload the new version already!

v1.8 Fixed tankability of the teal\'s natural gas


Updated picture, due to the recent Iccup Mystery thing...
modified by CrystalDrag
I like it!
I think you should make the neutrals at the main bases much stronger, too. It's just too easy to break them down right now.
Maybe stack them, probably even add vision blockers below them, so Lurkers can still go for a fast surprise attack via Nydus Tech.
There are no good blends for the bridges without making them entirely dirt.. probably going to make the buildings x10

And it looks like Heartbeat is going to win so this map most likely wont be used.
modified by CrystalDrag
Has any one tried this under 1.18 yet? Do the creep spawners still work?
Unfortunately, they do not work... They are now replaced by the unplaceable unit text with nothing "()" as the unit id. And on this map some creep spawners are on ground, therefore eliminating the possibility of it being a unit elevation problem...

Guess they saw it, and decided instead of keeping it made it an unusable thing now.
Well, it was probably one of those buffer-overflow things to begin with, exactly the kind of thing they both unwillingly had to screw up and willingly got rid of with the patch...
Map is really good, but your picture is giving me cancer.
lol nmjoo with the gold comments

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