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Last update for (4)Naval Islands : 2005, 10, 04 19:00
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
470 (4)Naval Islands 128*128NoChance1.1final

The map has been rated 72 times and got a total of 77 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

At the moment my best map. It was in Bw Premium League and PTU Tournament and some others.
For there aren't that many isle maps in bw, I'd give it a try if my router would let me 8[
AS it is now, T would have a great time with the island in his corner. Just floating a CC down there, covered by his main. Looks interesting, reminds me of Dire Straits of course, as this is the only airmap i played really.
Well ok^^, T has this flying builds advantage on near every island map.
but islands in general on those maps arent as superprotected as this one is.
Y, but every race and player has this advantage on this map ;) so its balanced
You don't play Starcraft this long do you?

A Terran can float/fly his Command Center into the corner VERY early, compared to the other races. And after this corner-island is easy to protect, because you only have to protect your main, other races can't do nothing against this move from the Terran.

BUT, this is unfair, after the T can expand a lot earlier, gain more resources, gas, and so on and so forth, without any trouble.

Sure, other races can expand in their back as well, but it's not that effective after a Terran has this expansion way earlier!

That's why it definetely IS inbalanced :/
I think i played this game much longer than you, near 7 years.

I explain it to you: The fact that the island is good protectet is a advantage everyone has.

And the terran advantage to fly the cc is an advantage on every island map. they can expant fast on every island map.

so its all a matter of time, only because terrans can have this protectet island faster than others doesnt mean they have such an great advantage. furthermore its not THAT good protectet, everyone can lead a dropship/overlord to it and destroy it and wwhen then terran has no dropships then the protection is gone.

z and p can expant fast, too, not that fast like terran but quiet fast.

and at the end the only advantage terran has is the time advantage because he can fly buildings

so its definitly balanced
No it is not. Terran can already BUILD the CC in his main, p or z have to _tech_ to dropships/shuttles, send it with a probe/drone to the island and THEN they are able to START their HQ in the first place.

Terran can build his CC much earlier, and he doesn't have to wait for dropships to _start_ building it.
You are both only scratching the surface of the topic. Your points are too simple.

As NoChance wrote, a CC in main and floating is possible on _every_ island map. On most of them, taking the expansion is possible very early, the question is if this is a suicide move. All your tech is delayed and you are vulnerable to early attacks. A map where a fast cc BO is considered doable would be NNWO, or gorky island, because you can control both your main and expo with a few tank or vultures. Another one would be isles of siren, where both main and expo are on the same plattform, so you don't need drop to defend. Still, a 4 zealot drop would slow your expo down enough to give protoss advantage again.
When protoss drops his first zeals/goons, terran should not have a dropship yet and would have to stop mining at the expo (I assume his main will be pretty safe) By now, protoss has started his expansion himself, so in TvP the eco advantage should really not be that big.

Actually economy-wise you can compare it to gorky island in early game, a map that is clearly favoring terran, the main reason for that is the huge tactical value of the cliff on this map though, not the economical advantage a terran can get, imo. I can only speak for myself here, but I almost never did a fast CC build on this map, as it is really risky, I prefered pressuring on my opponents cliff. There is no cliff like that on Naval island, so even though tankdrops can still be mean, at least you need tanks and cant kill his economy with goliaths.

I actually did not play pure island maps for a long time, they are said to be disfavoring zerg a lot, and goliaths and turrets make any island a terran has secured undropable, forcing zerg to go muta, which can be countered well by walks/vessel, and protoss to expand very aggressivly, as he can't deny the terran expansions really.
Thx punschk for a constructionally contribution.

PS: long time no see^^ i hope u havent deltet me from ur icq list after all this time i was offline^^

And LOL @ flo

After 7 years playing i noticed that nexus and hatch can't fly. thx for that new experiance.

(with "z and p can expant fast, too, not that fast like terran but quiet fast" i mean building shuttels/overlord upgrade, they are fast too

like panschk allready told.)
So for all who still want it changed here is a another version with a cristal on the expension.


Yeah, but you seem to have problems to transfer this knowledge as an aspect of the problem T_T
Here the correct link:

Naval Island v.2

@flo: there was never a problem, like allready explained. Z and P are fast enoth too to expand a short time after the T.

But if you dont think so here is the version with trhe crystal in the expansion. so terran need a dropship too.
See, so much trouble about a so tiny mineral block :>

btw, you don't need to post a new image every time you change the map. Go for "Edit map" (left bar), enter the map-ID and your password for it, and then you are free to change/update your map settings there :)
Ok thx i will do it later, :( must do homework now

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