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Last update for (2)Overwatch 2.3 : 2020, 03, 09 18:32
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4704 (2)Overwatch 2.3 otherNegativeZero0.6finalground

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Comments:   GMCS (4 elements)

probably won't finish this unless someone else figures out how to make it not boring and pointless
- Call it Underwatch
- make more asymmetric ramps all overt the place...

Or did you mean like... serious suggestions?
Stop making all the base layouts similar + SC2 :D
I like Freakling's name choice. I was trying to call it "Overwatch 2: Electric Boogaloo" but the name was apparently too long to fit.
I've decided to turn this into basically an edit or version 2 of the original map. Significant changes include:
-Corrected cliff symmetry (this version is currently 112x126, last 2 rows haven't been added yet)
-Enlarged mains
-Choked/ramped high ground 3rds in conjunction with redesigned high ground pods
-Altered 3/9 bases and added pathways - this effectively switches ownership of these bases, forcing players to spread out more and hopefully reducing turtling
-Narrowed center choke to block large units

I'm going to add in the central curved ridges again, I just haven't remade them to fit the new map yet (they'll likely have to be slightly smaller). Also I plan on trying to reduce the space occupied by the 3/9 bases to make the middle larger, and possibly raise those bases back to high ground.

If I ever get really bored and need to waste some time I might consider switching the tileset to desert.
modified by NegativeZero
Just a personal preference but I liked the spiral ridges in the center
Also don't switch tile sets
See 2nd paragraph - I'm going to add the spiral ridges back, I just haven't made new ones to fit this map yet.

Edit: Added center ridges

Edit2: Wondering if the siegable natural gas might be a problem. That whole narrow pathway will be unbuildable so it should be possible to use mutas or shuttle drops to deal with any tanks back there.
modified by NegativeZero
Odd tank angles on workers/key structures are always a nuisance. How imbalance they actually are is hard to tell, I just try to avoid them as much as possible...
Also hydra will be strong cause there is not corridor of sorts...
And those narrow pathways are just... narrow... army movement seems really restricted until you get to middle, though it may just be me.
"It's not a bug, it's a feature!"
…he said before pressing the trigger. Next thing there was but a smoldering hole in the landscape…
modified by Freakling
If an overwatch edit was to be used in future sbwi stuff, do you think changes like this would be too drastic for players? should I do a more "conservative" edit where the 3rds are updated with the ramps but the 3/9 base layouts are left largely unchanged?

Edit: more reasons to consider leaving the 3/9 bases as in the original:
If the corridors leading to those bases are sufficiently wide (as they are now) then T, after establishing a position on the high ground pod, could quickly tank push through the opponent's corridor straight to the nat. But if I make the entrances to those bases too narrow to easily push through (1 or 2 width high ground ramp) then they might be a better 3rd option than the actual 3rd, which kind of breaks the intent of the map. Instead I could leave the original design without the extra paths but move the 3/9 a little closer to the nats to make them more "neutral" (iirc freakling might have had that idea for the original map but I was too lazy to do it lol)
modified by NegativeZero
Likable imo.
I agree with the problem that that path causes. You could just vary ramps widths to tweak accessability of expos for each player a bit (make the ramp closer to a player wider if you want the base to be easier attackble by that player).
And I would not use a Blue Storm choke in the middle, it's not really such an important choke point, but the pathing problems will be just annoying.
You can add high ground ridges where the siege tank GMCS are if you want them to "belong" to someone .-.
modified by CardinalAllin
So you have decided to go with the shorter bridges then?
Just make sure the nat choke is not too vulnerable to tanks and hydras.
I would give the 3/9 bases only normal sized ramps to the middle.

I guess chances of this being finished till the end of the year are rather slim?
Well Negative is on winter break...
(LAN party time <3 )
I thought we agreed that it was better if I didn't change the 3/9 layout, so this is what I have right now:

Bridges are shorter only because lengthening them in either direction right now would make for some kind of awkward terrain, I'm still working on that area.

Edit: haven't been uploading since I only have phone internet right now and transferring files repeatedly is annoying, lol.
modified by NegativeZero
ooh yea that looks great.
maybe done? could be done? idk
Have you tested resources?
What about longer bridges?
Check GMCS I feel like you should remove that bit of cliff cuz I feel like other maps' minonlies look a bit more like that than this
Not sure what traceurling means, but make sure you have all the cliffs around the minonlies edited such that all mineral patches are on fully walkable ground.
You should change the following gas positions:

- 6 o'clock: 3 tiles to the left or put it on the right side
- 12 o'clock accordingly
- top right corner: one tile up and put doodads under it
- bottom nat: put doodads under it
Bridges lengthened, resources not changed yet
Uploaded final versions (melee + obs) with Freakling's resource edits.
7th March 2016
Version 2.1 Overwatch
-Changed terran wall at top main, 1st marine spawns inside wall now
-Changed pylon walling at 6 o clock (and 12), bit harder to mine hop now

Ive renamed this map to just Overwatch.

Previously this map was labelled 'Neo Overwatch' on iCCup. Ive been tidying up the map pack to follow the conventions that were established there. I will write more in a forum post.
So... Why is this still not submitted for ASL?
Dam I just looked through NZ's maps, wtf!
I didn't even realize he had so many BW map submissions on here.

NZ you gotta come back and make some more maps :)
I already prodded him various times in different threads and via PM. He never even gave a response. Guess he is just not interested :(

Maybe we should just officially ask him to adopt his maps.
i actually intentionally didn't submit it because it's already been used quite a bit and i want other people's maps to get more exposure
It's not been used in Korea…
That is a lame reason, just submit it :)
Just confirmed: This map will be used in the following league.
Great! :D
This is such a great event :D

Here's the English cast by EsportsJohn.
modified by Freakling
I was surprised how the foreigners did so well, but I guess I shouldn't underestimate them!

Update: Version 2.3
  • Fixed Protoss-specific bug where bad worker respawn could slow down mining and get Probes stuck behind buildings at bottom natural geyser.
  • Some minor aesthetical fixes.
Added observer version.

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