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Last update for (2)Enemy_At_The_Gates : 2007, 11, 12 15:08
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
476 (2)Enemy_At_The_Gates 128*96flothefreak1.2final

The map has been rated 67 times and got a total of 82 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

As I was idling a bit and had nothing to do, well, I decided to upload two of my maps here.
This is one I made recently (3-4weeks ago).
The enemy is literally at the gates which makes it a appealing map with a lot of action in the first minutes.

What do _you_ think?
modified by flothefreak
it's pretty plain. there's too much open space
I consider this as a need, for a pushing terran has to push only a very _little_ distance. You need this space to prevent this imo.
It's 128x96! the distance is damn short.
I like this map. imo your best map I've seen yet.

The gameplay is straightforward and simple, that's better than complicated and imbalanced:D
i like it too... it feels like the entire map is a battlefield with no area particularly designed for traveling only, and i like that.
update ;D
tell me what you think of it now
i think the gameplay is still somewhat different to normal maps.
i think is hard for z in tvz, there is little gas...
I like how you're right in the battle from the begining, and nice terrain with the road there, although I think the signs really distract from the feel of it ><, they don't look like they belong.

The bottom has space behind the minerals for a reaver/temp/tank or something to drop, top dosen't, dosen't seem like it owuld be much of a diference since the mineral line is going to be hard to get at anyways cause of all the space between edge of base. although I would be pissed off to get a shuttle through there with temps, then realize I have to suicide my temps and shuttle (I think shuttle, don't know if storm kills shuttle ><) in order to get workers.

Ugh I took alot of words to say a simple thing, but whatever...

And I disagree that there is too little gas, games on this seem like they would be really quick, but I could be wrong, I'm just a newb =P.

modified by Syrreph
little gas? it's 4 gas per player :o
strange... i remembered enemy as a former map of the week, it worth it in my eyes :)
Flo, i think what they mean by lil gas is that getting ur 3rd gas or 4rth takes awhile :O (bc of distance)

i think maybe u should put a gas at that min only and make top right n bot left be mins only

--wut)sQuadron vs wut)anfall(1on1, 1.13)

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