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Last update for (4)Agni0.60 : 2017, 05, 04 14:00
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4899 (4)Agni0.60 128*128Noah2nd0.1betaisland

The map has been rated 46 times and got a total of 5 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Re-make version of Idun.

Only Zergling can pass Island map.
All expands far away to tank arrange.
and add probe,drone,scv entrance. (right click mineral)

Only-min is 6 minerals + 1 mineral(500)
and central island expends is 1000 x 10 min, 2500 x 2 gas.
modified by Noah2nd
wow, did not expect a big remake like this.
You had already added the worker gates in the latest update of the old version.

The biggest changes to me seem to be:
1. the smaller mains, old version had a large drop spot in them.
2. the zergling wall is further out now, with unbuildable behind it. This means zergling can attack the mineral only base easier, and means T/P have to build more units to take a 3rd base.

Zerg can send out a drone using the worker gate and take an empty main and natural base straight away and can defend these bases with zerglings in the early game. Meanwhile Terran and Protoss would have to build production buildings (or optionally float if terran) in order to defend a new main in the early game.

In my analysis, Zerg would get a massive advantage in the early game because of the above reasons. Basically I think zerg would shutdown terran or protoss who tried to expand to empty main/nat in early game.
Therefore, zerg can go up to 4 gas bases etc very quickly and safely, the only real threat being drops/air units which gives lots of time to get muta to defend.

So terran and protoss need to forget about early expanding to an empty main/nat. Instead they would look at how quickly they can expand to near bases. This means they can go to 3 bases (1 of which is a mineral only).
I dont mind the slightly increased difficulty to defend the mineral only in this remake.
But I do mind that there is no gas. On an island map, its all about the gas.
If you are giving zerg 4 gas easily, you should give terran and protoss 3 gas in my opinion.

So what Im saying is, I would add a gas to the mineral only bases.

Basically its not an island map in the traditional sense of 'zerg is weak' at all because the worker gate changes everything. Zerg can expand without needing drop tech.

In the lategame, Zerg can have lots of muta, lots of lings in the middle of the map just by walking them there, and can prepare overlord drop with hydras.
Meanwhile, Terran and Protoss have to transport every single unit in dropship or get air units.
They need the gas, not mineral only.

However, what happens if you did add gas? Well now zerg can go up to 6! gas bases compared to Terran/Protoss on only 3 gas bases. oh dear
This is probably better than zerg on 4 and T/P on 2 atleast in the start of the game, but something needs to be changed to help out still.

Heres my ideas:
-Add gas to the mineral only
-Add a ramp down into the current gas base
(maybe egg block it)

-Add another zergling wall in the middle of the map on the highground over the current ramp that goes down into the gas base.

So basically T/P can go up to 4 gas bases but are confined behind zergling walls to stay on 4 base.

This would allow Terran and Protoss to eventually take a 4th gas without needing drop tech. But they would be confined to 4 bases vs Zerg on 6. And now its the lategame fairly.

Hope it makes sense, I will maybe draw a picture if time another day.
Jukado you really love egg-blocked ramps huh?
Maybe Easter got to me heh.

But yeah currently its Zerg on 4 gas, vs P/T on 2 gas. That feels like maybe too much but I dont know maybe not.
In my idea, Zerg on 6 gas vs P/T on 4 gas might be fairer in a way but would play very differently ofcourse, much bigger and higher tech armies earlier, perhaps would be too quick escalation. I dont know.
meh its an island map so its always going to be pretty niche, so not going to worry about it too much.
I think the original version was already very Zerg-favoured. Adding a way to mass expand all around the map without drops while still having the mobility monopoly with Lings is not going to help with this.

There is some really really ugly tile spamming to fix the tank holes all over the map...
modified by Freakling

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