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Last update for (3)Droid : 2006, 10, 20 08:41
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
515 (3)Droid 128*128Cyanides1.2final

The map has been rated 63 times and got a total of 77 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Well, I think it's very typical map...neutral expansions are not symmetrical. One has a bridge, another has a long unbuildable route and the other has two buildable route, which can be blocked. Ramps are enlarged, so there's no such thing as 'crammed' in this map. ^^+
looks good, but much space unused, and not many tactical possibilities.
Should be fun to play, but not interesting.
Hmm...I wanted to make this map played so typically, like Luna...
Did you test wallins? How much value do the minerals at choke have? Also don't forget what a wide choke means to PvZ, a strategy that gets the zerg a serious amount of zerglings fast would be hard to stop here.

You might want to do something about the top left gas expansion, which is not "neutral" as it is.
Very very nice map!
I like it. But mineral wallin is very wonderful for me :)
What i like best somehow, are the 3 extra gas expansions, that lie differently. That adds some variety to gameplay thorugh startpoints, but while the top gas expansion is easy to secure with the min-only the gas exp on right hand side is very open.
I shall open up that expansion a bit...surely P1 has many expansions in its territory, but 3 player map is mainly used to play 1 on 1 games, so I think it would not bother much in other matters...
The naturals are imba for Z... U c, in the natural for 9 o'clock, The exp blocks the ramp, so that u can build sunkens so that u protect your main, and your natu... But in other positions the natural isn't in front of the ramp.. This is only my opinion, maybe im wrong... :) Btw, nice map.. :)
I looked at it for about 3 minutes so I could usefully comment. It is nice but I found these problems.

I think all of the second expansion should be evenly made. The top base can secure the minonly then has a free passage to the expo in the top left corner. However, the expo at 3 o'clock has 2 entrances and the expo at 7 o'clock (bridged expo) is even distance from player 2 and player 3.

Player 1 has 3 expansions that look like they are his to take, then he also gets to fight player 3 for the 3 o'clock expo.

P.S. what is that doodad in the top left corner?

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