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Last update for (2)Road Warrior 0.99.3 : 2020, 11, 29 18:38
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
5254 (2)Road Warrior 0.99.3 96*128Doglived1.7

The map has been rated 9 times and got a total of 15 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Hey, welcome to the site!
I posted some feedback for you on discord :)

You should reverse the path payout, the shortest middle path should be narrow, the outer paths wider, so you get different risks and rewards for each path.
Some thoughts:
> I think the 6 bases in the middle are way too open - some should have a bit more defensive opportunities otherwise they'll be very hard to take in most match ups.

> Not a fan of the structure outside of the natural. Maybe an up/down ridge could provide more micro intensive gameplay. In its current state I think it will deal as a block or likely ineffective overlord spot.

> Maybe a few overlord cliffs could be nice?

> I would go with freakling's input - narrow path in center and two wider on the outside. That way, early micro battles could be held at a single bridge for example.
modified by Minerals
You are living before released remaster...
Update 0.99 -

- The base infront of the mains I made it highground so that it is easier to defend, along with giving zerg a base thats easier to hold in zvt.

- Some worker pathing was fixed.

- moved the main bases a little closer to the natural so that blocking the entrance/ramp and worker drills would be more effective.

modified by Doglived
This still very much looks like a rough draft tbh..
"You are living before released remaster..."

lol you say this because of the ramps?
Yes. is there any reasons for using old ramps? pathfinding?
I think that sometimes it is not bad to use new ramps when there is no other reasons like bad pathfinding or too ugly...etc.
There are few ugly new ramps? isn't it?

My opinion means Structure ramps are too old. Just bad at aesthetically.
I'm not good at map balance. so I can't tell you any strategically wrong point, Doglived.

sorry for my bad english. :(
modified by mAziciAn
Ahhhh, I suppose mainly because I do not know of the new ramps. I had these downloaded from a while ago and I suppose I didnt look into any new ramps. :D lol! somtimes I think these ramps are a little ugly, but they have worked ok.
modified by Doglived
I just think itís a funny way to put it.
Aesthetically speaking I donít think these high dirt ramps look too bad. The structure ones should probably be replaced. I havenít taken a look at pathdinding/Height levels but those should be checked just in case.

The other guys gave good advice about the paths. The mains look weirdly sized/shaped. Wasted space on the sides, you could move those high ground expansions next to the mains closer to the mid and make more room for the mains.
up down ridges for the wins :D
Version 0.99.2 - updated to allow terran at 12 o clock to fully wall vs lings like 6 o clock.
modified by Doglived
0.99.3 Update: expanded the main, moved the 3rd closer to the middle to allow that.

Moved Mineral only so that it cant be sieged from the bridge.

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