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Last update for (6)Crowned Cat 0.6 : 2020, 11, 21 12:24
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
5260 (6)Crowned Cat 0.6 otherT1mz_1.7betaground

The map has been rated 3 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (4 elements)

Some Features/Notes:

- Map size is 192x128
- Close respanws for allies (USE MAP SETTINGS for this)
- Large mains
- 2 of 3 naturals are behind mains
* but have backdoors, each one is made of stacked Zerg Mature Crysalis, 2 patches, 5 buildings per patch, 2500 HP in total
** the backdors can result into bad pathing when you move ground units without care
- Straight distance to opponents' main
- Bottleneck-like center (but any unit passes trough it)
- Ramps to map center are blocked with Xel'Naga Temples, 4 per stack. Ramps blocked only partially to allow moving units around the temples.
- There are nicely covered highground tiles near central ramps (for scout/nuke purpose). Can you spot them without a map editor?
- A lot of mineral-only exps
- Tankable mains (should not be a problem in 3v3 I think)

This is my first melee map, I'd like to get some feedback.

edited: 19.11.2020
modified by t1mz_
I like the concept. From my first impression, the center should offer more mobility - maybe widen some bigger ramps a bit so big armies can actually effectively and strategically move around the map; maybe I would suggest removing SOME of the center temples as well allowing early game micro battles rather than NR20 style mass expand team play.

I really like the tiny center gap.

modified by Minerals
Looks like some one finally read my guide. Looks good.

Good points, thank you. I made suggested fixes.

v0.5 changes:

- Central ramps are now 1 tile wider.
- Shift/remove some temples on these ramps

Wider ramps allowed to change temples placement, so for now all the ramps are blocked only partially and most of them walled with temples in such a way that allows to move ground units around the temples. The gaps are 1-1.5 tile wide, so any unit can walk through them.


So good that I found this great guide on earlier stage of map building. So sad, that scmdraft doesn't have "height-2" symmetry and we have to manually bother with it.

I've made maps in this style before and I like this one very much. I do think overall the map is VERY tight and I'd suggest opening it up a bit. I might try the GMCS system if it still works.
Maybe I shouldn't be the only one asking S.I. for better symmetry options.

Thanks for notes. Though I don't want to remove mins-only (mb later I will be more wise on this).

v0.6 changes:

- made more central ramps wider
- walls removed to open up some paths

Not sure if pic is updated, but i think the wide ramps should be wide enough to suffice an early massive push such as 100/200 Terran + 140/200 Protoss + 80/200 Zerg vs whatever else.

Maxed Terran with carrier support + etc.

These huge battles need big area i think
modified by Minerals
>Not sure if pic is updated

It is updated, do ctrl+shift+f5 or ctrl+shift+r to force reload without using browser's cache.

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