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Last update for (2)Progenitor_0.1 : 2021, 02, 03 08:42
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
5288 (2)Progenitor_0.1 otherHeMsK6.3betaground

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Looking for some feedback. Not finished with all the terrain. Wanted to post before i do all the small stuff.

Some thoughts:
-Is the custom terrain around the basilicas weird?
-Thinking about moveing the nats forward and make some more main space
-3rd gas expansions needs more space?
-Workers on red dont split if you send them all to the same mineral patch, is it fixable?
Oh grains of picture in my eyes…

From what I can make out despite the picture quality there are definintelly better/more consistent ways of blending High Basilica to Dirt cliffs. High Sunken Ground edges are the secret.
Nats seem to be overly safe tucked away in the corners.
3rd gas is probably fine. Check if Tanks can hit it from the adjacent high ground ridge. Doesn't look like it though.
That sounds like normal worker behaviour to me. Are you new to BroodWar? You got the worker spawn adjustment setup wrong, though. Best to not use Mineral patches and critters instead. Having Minerals overlapping at the right hand side of your starting location causes building stacking issues.

modified by Freakling
Thanks for the feedback.
Sorry for bad pic.

Not really new to BW, just play it very inconsistently and never competitively. Prefer watching rather than playing myself.

Just wanted to try something different with the basilica but if its bad I'll change it to high sunken ground.

I'll change nat positions and fix the worker spawns.
The idea is to blend High Sunken Ground cliffs into normal Dirt cliffs, so you get High Crushed Rock on top to blend into Basilica cliffs.
I agree that the 3rd base is a bit small.
Try pushing the basilica a little more into that ridge.
I would also consider adding a smaller sized entrance into the 3rd base. Maybe a horizontal 2 tile choke in the basilica going to that ridge?

I'm not opposed to the naturals in the corners and main size looks fine. Longer rush distance will bring longer and more entertaining games.

Move blue's gas to opposite side.

Looking good, keep it up :)

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