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Last update for (4)GOOD NIGHT 1 : 2022, 02, 26 02:51
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
5300 (4)GOOD NIGHT 1 128*128Hyojin0.3leagueground

The map has been rated 81 times and got a total of 25 points


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▶ 1.3 → 1.31 변경 사항

- 지형 및 장식물 수정

▶ 1.29 → 1.3 변경 사항

- 모든 앞마당 미네랄 배치 변경

- 지형 및 장식물 수정

Name: GOOD NIGHT 1.29
Players: Four(4)1, 5, 7, 11
Size: 128x128
Tileset: Space
Creator: CrystalDrag(Hyojin)

:arrow_forward: Resources
Main Base: 9x1500 + 1x5000
Side Yard: 7x1500 + 1x5000
Mineral Front Yard: 6x1500
"3rd Gas" Multi: 7x1500 + 1x5000
Center: 6x1500 + 2x5000

:arrow_forward: Concept
This map is based around the dreamcatcher symbol in the middle of the map, with high ground platforms revolving around the center.
The shortest pathing between main bases follows the outer eight platform ring.
The terrain elevations get progressively higher towards the mains and the gas expansions, so there is great defender advantage.

:arrow_forward: Features
-Main and natural setup are standard; intuitive to wallin.
-Scouting units will follow the outer ring around center of map.
-Larger armies have multiple avenues of pathing towards the opponent.

:arrow_forward: Player Notes
-Unbuildable Area:
-- Outside of natural is completely unbuildable.
-- Mineral Only is completely buildable, up to the narrow choke leading to center.
-- Outside of natural ramp is buildable at decorated low platform sections, and inside the dreamcatcher's star.
-- Outside of gas expansion is semi-buildable for turret, but not for proxy barrack/gateway.

:arrow_forward: Rushing Distance
Ramp to ramp:
-- Horizontal: 31s
-- Vertical: 32s
-- Cross Spawn: 40s
modified by CrystalDrag
modified by CrystalDrag
modified by CrystalDrag
:arrow_forward:이름 : GOOD NIGHT 1.29

:arrow_forward: 인원수 : 4인용 (1, 5, 7, 11시)

:arrow_forward: 사이즈 : 128 × 128

:arrow_forward: 타일셋 : Space Platform

:arrow_forward: 제작자 : CrystalDrag (효진)

:arrow_forward: 러시거리
본진 입구:left_right_arrow: 본진 입구:
-가로 : 31 초
-세로 : 32 초
-대각선 : 40 초

:arrow_forward: 자원량
- 본진 : 9M + 1G
- 앞마당 : 7M + 1G
- 외곽멀티 : 6M
- 외부멀티 : 7M + 1G
- 센터멀티 : 6M + 2G

:arrow_forward: 컨셉
이지도는지도 중앙에있는 드림 캐쳐 기호를 기반으로하며, 고지대 플랫폼이 중앙을 중심으로 회전합니다.
지형은 주전원 및 가스 확장쪽으로 점진적으로 증가하여 방어자에게 유리합니다.

:arrow_forward: 특징
-정찰 부대는지도 중앙의 바깥 쪽 고리를 따라갑니다.
-군대는 적을 향해 기동하고 측면을 공격 할 수있는 여러 경로를 가지고 있습니다.

I like it, simple concept and good execution.

Not a fan of the horizontal pipe decoration but maybe it doesn't look too bad ingame
modified by CrystalDrag
Im not a fan of it either
Why did you use it then?
Maybe he thought it wouldn’t be that bad but then regrets it? I’ve done the same lol
I like them *shrug*.
I like the star ⭐️
Change log?
Change log?
v 1.2
ramp tile changes
slight adjustment of blue nat choke

v 1.24
Natural mineral lines have been moved towards the cliff for 1 tile.
5 and 11 high ground cliff (between the ramp and edge of the map) have been pushed inwards by 1 tile
Some mineral and gas debugging

v 1.25
Some mineral and gas debugging

v 1.25999
NW and NE Mains now have 2 tile gap between edge of map and geyser
Swapped tile for the northern edge of SE for better visuals

Adjusted natural mineral lines to have turrets behind mineral line
Adjusted natural geyser to be against the edge of the map.
Reduce natural mineral count 8 -> 7
Replaced doodads contributing to NW and SE natural choke to terrain to mitigate units getting stuck.

Added decoration to the mineral onlies.
2 Pylons will block vultures along the cliff at the mineral onlies.

Reduced the size of 3 and 9 thirds slightly.
Tile indications for two pylon wall added to the thirds.

Deleted ursadon.

v 1.261
Adjusted terrain so scouting goes through the third's platform

v 1.28
Added Ursadon back as a hallucination.
Corners of main bases have been trimmed.
Mineral lines for 2 and 8 adjusted to accommodate a zealot (same as 11 and 5)
As many Reaver debugging possible done.
modified by CrystalDrag
Your comment hmm pretty cool
You hijacked my comment!
I like this a lot. Those little details bleding high ground and space looks so good. I like the effort.


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