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Last update for (3)Sand Gate 0.7.4 : 2022, 04, 08 01:54
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
5368 (3)Sand Gate 0.7.4 128*128Suricatta0.3betahybrid

The map has been rated 73 times and got a total of 25 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Map Concept : 3p standard-hybrid map.
-Standard main/natural and center layout with two semi-island bases and a forward third.
-The main has a mineral-walled backdoor into the close island. The mineral wall is 2 patches thick, each patch has 32 minerals.
-The other islands are separated by neutral Protoss Temples (not stacked).
-Neutral creep colonies near the backdoor gas base so that Zerg can wall at the choke.
0.6.1 Changelog:
-Increased width of High Compound at 8 and 12 Naturals for overlords.
-Fixed vision issue at 4 o'clock Natural overlord spot.
-Rearranged mineral line at 8 o'clock Natural.
0.6.2 Changelog:
-Fixed observer slots in the obs version of the map.
0.6.3 Changelog:
-Fixed observer slots again.
0.7.0 Changelog, 27 Jan 2022:
-Increased buildable space in main bases
-Moved 9:00 temple further out so it has more surface area
-Reduced backdoor minerals from 2 patches thick to 1 patch thick
-Rearranged mineral backdoors so that you can skip workers over them
-Arranged mineral backdoors so that each spawn has the same amount of resources
-Fixed vision holes in cliffs
-Rearranged minerals in right main base
-Removed drop holes behind nats
-Extended bot-right mid-ground closer to the center
-Combined the center ramps with the counterclockwise ramp on the same mid-ground
-Redesigned naturals to help with walling
-Made main-to-nat chokes wallable with rax+depot
-Added one mineral patch to backdoor base
0.7.1 Changelog, 28 Jan 2022:
-Increased distance between gas and minerals by 1 tile for the 5 and 8 o'clock naturals.
0.7.2 Changelog, 29 Jan 2022:
-Shifted natural choke at 5 o'clock base down 1 tile to help balance wall-ins.
modified by Suricatta
0.7.3 Changelog, 13 Mar 2022:
-Shifted mineral backdoor at 12 o'clock so that large units can move through if any one patch is mined.
-Shifted mineral backdoor at 4 o'clock so that the 4 patches to the right open a path rather than the 4 patches to the left.
-Widened main/natural entrances to 4 tiles and added a second egg.
-Changes wall visuals in 4 o'clock natural entrance.
modified by Suricatta
0.7.4 Changelog, 7 April 2022:
-Modified mineral line at 12 o'clock main to prevent movement bug when splitting drones.
-Fixed vision hole in cliffs near the neutral temple at 10 o'clock.
-Changed two unbuildable tiles to buildable outside of the 8 o'clock natural entrance.
-Changed wall visuals at 8 o'clock natural entrance.

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