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Last update for (2)Ascension of Sonmi451 : 2005, 10, 13 18:43
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
537 (2)Ascension of Sonmi451 96*128FrozenArbiter0.7final

The map has been rated 69 times and got a total of 49 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Ok, so I haven't exactly made heaps of maps, and really, I've only made like 2-3 maps whose end result I liked, I've started countless maps but I always fuck up.. So yeah.

This time I actually managed to implement almost everything without fucking up too badly, and the only problems I had travin solved in like 5 seconds so yeah!

Hopefully it's not too horrible. The minerals @ your nat = 1000 in each instead of 1500.

Originally I wanted to force zerg to hatch below/above gas in order to block ramp, but still be able to mine gas using that hatch, but I'm not sure you even have to do that now.

I'm not sure if this map needs more expansions? Also not sure if the mineral only in your main is good or bad.

Also, the mineral formations might be horrible, if so I'll fix them :>
not travin
the jpg is from the ob map?
and i think you have to comment the bgh expo
not travin
ok already done
Oops, I had placed the start locations for observers in the melee version as well ><

You start at 11 and 5. I'll re-upload the melee map/pic.
not travin
i would like the corner cliffs better if they were rusty pit, im not good at decorating space tilset so someone else have to help with that part
You mean the catwalk expansions?
Well.. You can't place minerals @ rusty pit.
not travin
try sunken ground or what its called then
Oh, low platform.

Yeah, maybe that will work.
There is no sunken ground in space tileset ;)

I would actually just place them in the corner without any ramps, there are already enough ramps on this map.

The placement of the natural gas expansion in combination with the placement of the ramp might cause some problems because there is not much space when you took that expansion. I would push the natural expansion a bit away from the ramp.

Also think about changing the mineral placement in top position to something like on the bottom pos, you can have gas on top then, so it would be better balanced for gas input.
lol ok there is :( See how ignorant I am T_T
Moved the bottom nat a bit (the top one I think was far enough out of the way, but correct me if I'm wrong).

Changed the catwalk into low platform (I think the 7 o clock one might be a bit cramped, so any suggestions on how to make that one better are welcome ;o).

And hm. Yeah that should be all.
FA, thanks for backing me up on TL. Bill is really acting as an idiot atm imo. I know that he has a good agenda, but i takes it over the top and get too elitistic(?)

Anyway, nice map. Kinda esay to get 2 expoes early though?
1337 LETT
i ddr on this map's badness at night
Yeah Bill is taking his not making blizzcon imo t.t

And yeah, I'm not sure if I should keep the mineral only, I was worrying that terran might have a hard time securing a second expansion vs zerg, but then again, their middle game should be INSANELY powerful..

I like. It has a simple feel to it, yet some interesting battle grounds. It might be hard to protect a 3rd gas from a T who pushes up the ramp closest to his opponents corner exps mid game? Perhabs make the middle a bit broader to improve flanking?

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