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Last update for (2) Typhon 1.1 : 2021, 12, 31 22:11
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
5380 (2) Typhon 1.1 otherHotRedIron2.5finalhybrid

The map has been rated 2 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Can you try opening the middle up more, add more paths around the map, making everything less linear?
I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic about the middle, because that's one huge open space.

As for adding more paths, not really. But if you have specific suggestions, let me know and I'll consider them.

The only thing that I'll probably do to make the map less linear is make the close island base into the one blocked by eggs and the one currently blocked by eggs into a normal one without eggs to give a choice to players when it comes to their third base.
I am not being sarcastig. The middle is not actually that huge (all the pathing goes through maybe a third of the total map width) and the chokes leading into it are even tighter and completely covered by a stationary army. Each player gets 3 bases behind one choke, plus 2 islands. And then they can fight over the 4 middle bases, but the 3 ones on the right are so close together with only open ground between them that they they are unlikely to be split between the players.
There are many potential paths you could take to develop the concept, like generally reducing water spaces (currently lots of areas are more than a Tank range apart), take put one pair of expos (6 per player is still plenty), make another path that wraps around somewhere to the right side corners, have some double-ramped walkthrough bases, that can double as paths, rather than all dead-end pocket bases, give the middle some more distinct structure. What you prefer probably depends on what your main aim or core concept with this map is, I guess. Lots of island bases and Creep for Nyduses, I guess.

Are the mains big enough to fit in some serious P&T macro? Doesn't look like it. On a 2p map everything usually has to fit in the mains, and with that many bases that's potentially lots of Gates/Factories and probably Stargates/-ports as well and there isn't really any other place to put them unless you significantly increase some base spaces.
You adjusted for cliff asymmetries though (did some one finally actually read my guide?! O_o), so that's one bullet you dodged there, otherwise S man space would have been an even more serious problem.
Do you need those extra Creep Colony compartment behind the mains? I don't really see any good purpose they could serve.
modified by Freakling
Yes, the standard pathing is as you say in regards to the middle, but ground-wise the middle is where the bone remains are, that's what I meant.

The concept is to make players gravitate more towards drop- and airplay. That's why I made the islands, and specifically the two near-base islands that are close to each other as well to allow drops/air harass. This is also why the pathing is straight-forward without any intricacies (same for Pella btw). I'm still expecting ground armies to be dominant after all so that's why there's the open space around the bases on the right. Also, I'm not sure if there's a reason to add different paths with the mains having this layout, if they were across each other like on most 2p maps it'd be fine, but here?

To be fair, this map was supposed to play differently, except that 2 out of 3 concepts that I had for this map were impossible to execute and without one of those the 3rd concept didn't work either, so I just salvaged what I could. For adding more paths that are also meaningful I think I'd have to make the mains cross-position, because with this layout the paths would still fall closer to the player that the base supposedly belongs to anyway.

I think the mains are big enough, and the players can kill the creep colonies in their bases to gain more building space. Their purpose is to allow Zerg to nydus into the opponent's base late game or hide tech early game. It also makes the main base more vulnerable to drops since P/T can't cover/scout all of their main base, so it fits with the concept for the map.

And yes, I did read your guide. I found it very useful.

EDIT: I've been thinking about it, and I think there is a way to add a path that could be meaningful. Possibly something else. I'll post the changes tonight.

EDIT2: The close island base is now blocked by 4 rows of eggs but is accessible by workers, the base formerly blocked by eggs is free. The two ground bases closest to 3 o'clock have been turned into high ground bases with two ramps - one leading to the centre, the other towards a player base. Also, slightly increased main size.

Don't know if this is an improvement or not, let me know what you think.
modified by HotRedIron

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