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Last update for (2)Stargazer 1.1 : 2023, 08, 27 11:42
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
5435 (2)Stargazer 1.1 otherSuricatta0.7finalground

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1.0 First Upload, 29 August 2022:
-128x112 2p map
-Rush distance = 35s.
-Each main base has 5k gas and 9x1500 minerals.
-Each expansion has 5k gas and 7x1500 minerals.

Map made for Chat StarLeague hosted by AirneanachTV.
The doodad sprites used this way have always been hit-or-miss in my eyes and I think the bottom left main might be a bit constrictive but overall you did a phenomenal job.

Did you do all this by hand or is there a way to use the symmetry option for this? (Because if there is I haven't found it yet.)
I'm glad you like it overall.

This is all by hand, the symmetry tool didn't work for me. I handled the symmetry by making a template with diagonal guidelines (top left to bot right, nat to nat, etc) so that I could space the map features equivalently. I overlaid the template on to exported images of the map so that I could see where to make adjustments.

The bot left main should be large enough. I was able to fit 20 depots, 11 facts with 4 addons, 2 starports with 2 addons, 1 CC with commsat, 2 armories, 1 academy, 1 science facility, 1 ebay, 1 rax, and a turret ring with some space left over.

It must have been a lot of work doing it that way, extra props to you.

Yeah, I think there's enough room, it's just that bottom left might be "uncomfortable" when it comes to building the "production lines" like barracks/gates near the ramp. But I just go by eye when saying that so I could be wrong. In any case, I'm just nitpicking. I do like this map very much!
I like this type of Manual symmetry. Looks solid.
1.0b Changelog, 11 Sept 2022:
-Shifted neutral Lurker Egg at the bot left natural up by 2 pixles to allow Dragoons to pass between it and an adjacent Gateway.
-Added unbuildable tiles to the top right natural choke point to make the Forge/Gate wall a 2-gap wall, same as the bot left natural. (Same choke style as Butter 2.0c).
1.0c Changelog, 6 Nov 2022:
-Fixed workers going behind the mineral line when rallied from near the town hall location in the left side main base.
-Expanded buildable area in both main bases slightly.
-Removed extraneous doodad from 6 o'clock expansion.
modified by Suricatta
1.1 Changelog, 20 July 2023:
-Added space for units to go behind gas at 12 o'clock base to mirror 9 o'clock.
-Fixed probes sometimes getting stuck behind geyser at top-right triangle third base.
-Fixed height bugs on some temple ramps ramps.
-Fixed Zergling hole in bot-left main base.

--SCRVN vs TrangXinh(1on1, 1.15)
--SCRVN vs TrangXinh(1on1, 1.15)

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