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Last update for (2)Vine Alleys1.1 : 2009, 10, 09 05:26
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3232 (2)Vine Alleys1.1 128*128LasTCursE1.2betaground

The map has been rated 74 times and got a total of 88 points


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Comments:   GMCS (1 elements)

Ok... my new map some ideas for update ? lol
make the path to the wide ramp wider from minonly

move the islands to 1,7

enlarge the middle

make the nat area larger

move reds nats gas to the underside to prevent pathing issue

move reds main formation up alittle to help scouting

make more terrain behind the mineral formations for more comfortable macro

- overall the map is too tight, this map favours terran ALOT
I like it :)

There's a lot of unused area.

I'll suggest things from the perspective of the bottom half because the top is just a reflection.

The Island is pretty much oncontested. If it were to be moved where the triangular chunk of space is it would be both contested and solve the problem of that unused space.

With the island gone you could move the nat and the min-only down and free up space to expand the middle (which is very small).

The middle could also be made much more open because as is it's far too tight.

I like the aesthetics a lot though.
i thought it was a korean map when i first saw the picture lol

the map looks extremely tight almost everywhere, and the main has its starting location in an awkward spot imo.

Mains, nats, natural choke, middle, islands, and sidepaths need to be enlarged and widened, imo.

Has a korean map feel to it, i don't know why
Update.. fix somethings that morrow said.
More ideas ?
Fix all of the things morrow said and we can continue.
hm can you write the things i didn't fix yet again please lol
"Update.. fix somethings that morrow said."
"some things"

fix everything what i said
how is it now ?
Ugly bridges at 3 and 9.
Map is very tight.
Too linear.
Long distances.
off your maps are 2 times linear than here map isn't too TIGHT. the distances are fine i checked that 19 times!!
for the bridges agree.. they are ugly.. make better and i will put them ..
Ok, i opened the map and OMG!

Mains are tankable.
What's wrong with expos? You can't build cc there well.
Naturals are too small.
Entrances are too small.
Whole map have unwalkable things.
When I open map with Starcraft i don't see ur buildings.
GAS ISSUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so sure you didn't make that "Peaks" map.
siabbo go fuck your self! why only you frommmmmm allllllll people that saw and played the map...why only you don't like it. lol =D little idiot :} AND Peaks is mine by the way,like it or not.So as i said "GO FUCK YOUR SELF" :PpPp~
lol. maybe just shut up and fix problems. You had 1 time uploaded map what was from mapdori and it wasn't yours. Why wouldn't you do it again?

You think im the only one who don't like this? LOL!

"hm can you write the things i didn't fix yet again please lol"

We have idiot here!
yes we have. YOU!!!
This post is not displayed due to its content
This post is not displayed due to its content
This post is not displayed due to its content
Why you lastcurse don't fix bugs on your map. And your map don't need only fix, it need remake. There is lots of bugs to fix so I think it is easier to remake it :S
This post is not displayed due to its content
jammsi ok. i respect you and.. if someone in this site want to pimp the map.. go ahead ;) and morrow yes i'm not good at map making at all.You are better than me alot.. but SiaBBo... his maps are more fullish than mine even.. ;]
lastcurse ur most likely one of the worst mappers at this site.

Me bad at map making.. but there is MUCH more worse map makers in this site ;)
SiaBBo's maps are diffrent that normaly maps, him maps have (always) some funny idea.
I don't wanna make new LT or new Python with same gameplay. I always wanna make something new. Not original.
ok.I understand the idea. peace ?
ye sure siabbo creates new stuff, but he executes them bad and they r not balanced. thats why i dont like his maps :)
Well, some of them are. ;)
Hey, too much flaming going on here. Any more flaming here and I'm dropping the censor bomb. Feel free to pm eachother by clicking on "no new pm" at top left and flame all you want.

Lastcurse we gave some suggestions and we can't really help more until those things are fixed. They aren't really "opinion based suggestions", they're "fix this or the map is unplayable" suggestions.

LastCurse is not the worst mapper here. Peaks of Darkness is a bad map however, so I fail to see why people would argue about who really made it.
I Come From Bulgaria... a country where people don't talk much english i didn't fix the things that you people said becouse i just can't understand everything in this language sorry x[
lol then I don't know how to help you ._.
who bump my map ? this is a decade old :D
modified by LasTCursE
don't bump your own maps =_=
i didn't idiot -.- it was already bumped when i write the comment -.-
i missed this map, its really cool imo :)
LOL at the gmc
This post is not displayed due to its content
he is not going to start the map again and the map is fine

-- vs (1on1, 1.15)

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