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Last update for (4)Neo Luna 3.4 : 2023, 03, 17 05:14
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
5484 (4)Neo Luna 3.4 128*128Suricatta5.0leagueground

The map has been rated 3 times and got a total of 15 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

First Upload, 10 December 2022:
-Rush Distance: Close = 26s, Cross = 35s
-Each main base has 5k gas and 9x1500 minerals.
-Each natural has 5k gas and 7x1500+500 minerals.
-3/6/9/12 expansions have 3k gas and 7x1500 minerals.

Remake of Luna by Drunken Bird and i_terran
3.1 Changelog, 14 February 2023:
-Increased width of water behind the top-right and bot-left naturals to reduce exposure to siege tanks.
-Added terrain for Zealot vs Zergling micro behind 3/6/9/12 o'clock mineral lines.
-Shifted bridges at 3/9 o'clock further from the base location.
-Made sure each main base ramp was wallable with 2 Depot+Rax or 3 Pylons.
-Rearranged top left natural mineral line for better efficiency.
-Fixed bot-right natural choke point height (was 9 tall, now is 8).
-Fixed inefficient mining in bot-left main base.
-Fixed some Zergling holes in terrain.
-Removed some extraneous doodads.
3.2 Changelog, 20 February 2023:
-Made center areas by bridges the same width (1/7 o'clock were more narrow than 4/10 o'clock).
-Reduced amount of buildable terrain along path to the third base.
-Slightly reduced the size of top-left and bot-right mains to make them more symmetric with the others.
-Fixed Reaver jam at the bot-right main base ramp.

21 February 2023:
-Fixed observer version (observers spawned as players previously).
modified by Suricatta
3.3 Changelog, 22 February 2023:
-Placed mineral lines for all main bases against the edge of the map.
modified by Suricatta
3.4 Changelog, 17 March 2023:
-Fixed tanks being able to shoot third base gas from top-left and bot-right main bases.
-Slightly increased amount of buildable terrain near natural entrance.
-Removed extraneous doodads.

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