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Last update for (4)Nyxeos 1 : 2023, 09, 22 06:58
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
5486 (4)Nyxeos 1 128*128Hyojin3.0finalground

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Map Name: (4)Nyxeos
Map Version: 0.50
Map Size: 128x128
Rush Distance (top of main ramp to natural entrance): Vertical spawn 26s, cross spawn 35s, horizontal spawn 30s

Original map is (4)Gaia, by Rose.of.Dream.

The tileset was changed from jungle to badlands for visual changes, as Gaia does not utilize temple terrain.
Gaia’s main issues stem from using a non-standard axis (about y=2x) with access only to the standard ramps. This resulted in uneven natural configurations that could lead to more favorable ones. The different spawning configurations are important to preserve - close by air by air horizontally, close by ground vertically, and cross spawn. By rotating the map to have the symmetry axis be along x=0, along with using vertical ramps, better utilization of space can be used to address several issues.

All main ramps and natural chokes are now uniform, with all being able to be comfortably walled. The second entrance is preserved, but blocked by a Temple to be more comfortable for modern play. Due to the negligible distance between the first and second entrance, the second entrance was blocked off with a decent barrier.
The mineral only bases have an additional 2000 gas, but one mineral field with a value of 744. This can help temporarily if close ground spawns occur, as the adjacent natural is far away.
A wider center was able to be achieved to avoid split-map situations that would have occurred on the original smaller center, by creating new avenues of pathing that connect the middle expansions.
The edge bases remain the same, with the locations being approximately the same (in the natural, outside the natural, and the mineral fields along the cliff. Chokes have been adjusted to be comfortably walled in, while being an emergency pathway for smaller armies.

Center Bases - 1 Mineral = 744, 2000 Gas

modified by CrystalDrag
Eggs at bridges at now offset 11 pixels diagonally (inwards and towards the natural), so Terran cannot wall tight at the bridge. Protoss still can.
Fixed a few ghost holes near the main bases.
Backdoor ramp increased to be blockable by 3 pylon.

New middle


Remove unbuildable area by the middle geysers.

Adjust mineral layout of mineral formation in mains

Fix mining rate outside of purple main.
Adjust pathfinding.
modified by Hyojin
The structure floor can be made more beautiful, hence its still good
It's just the thumbnail
bit off topic, but what happened to your older maps on this website? like (4)blackjack, (4)crystal cavern, terraform remake, (4)desert rhiedges

sorry if this has been addressed, haven't been here in ages
modified by Crimson)S(hadow

--SCRVN vs TrangXinh(1on1, 1.15)

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