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Last update for (4)Eternal Twilight 0.96 : 2023, 10, 21 15:14
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
5563 (4)Eternal Twilight 0.96 128*128Testbug8.8betaground

The map has been rated 5 times and got a total of 44 points

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Eternal Twilight... Also known as "Eternal".
Map created for the Golden Girls Tournament 2023

Version 0.93
Created by Testbug
Special thanks to Daliz
Version 0.94 Changelog 17/09/2023

Fixed a but at one of the the 9 o'clock ramps. There were 2 unwalkable tiles missplaced.
Fixed all mineral fields to 1500 and all geysers to 5000.
Added decorative sprites at 12, 3, 6 and 9.
Changed some broken 1.16 tiles than don't work on the remastered version.
modified by Testbug
Version 0.95 Changelog 18/09/2023

Fixed the "i can't build there" drone bug where drones don't want to build a hatchery at the 4:00 o'clock base, when sent from the bottom right start location. The Drone gets to the building place but says "dz dz dz dz" and negates to morph into a hatchery.

In order to fix that, the route from bottom right start location to te 4 o'clock base was altered. Now drones will morph into a hatchery at any attempt.
modified by Testbug
Version 0.96 Changelog 26/09/2023

Fixed a bug found in one of the wide ramps leading to the middle of the map (the bottom ramp of the 3 o'clock basilica).

Reduced the buildable tiles in the map, to prevent proxy gateways. Proxy robo is still possible.

Added two obstacles in the middle of the map.

Changed some of the ramps at the 12/3/6/9 bases to make shure the 8 of them are the same length.

The "I can't build there" drone bug reappearead at the 4 o'clock multi. After several testing, i found that the size of the minitiles affect the drone bug. I just replaced some unwalkable tiles with few unwalkable minitles with unwalkable tiles with more unwalkable minitiles and drone can now build hatchery.

I'm not 100% sure but i think this bug is caused by the lurker egg sprite. I only found this bugs where the lurker egg sprite is in the way of the drone.

I think we should call this bug "dz dz dz dz". Because that's what the drone says when the error occurs.
Basically map. like Circuit Brakers Rot Symmetry
nice map.

but, i think 3rd Gas resources are too much.
modified by TwoS
modified by TwoS
Oh my God, TwoS! Nice to see you! you are my favorite FAMAT mapper. I always admired your work, you are very talented mapper.

I'm glad to read you liked this map.
At the time, I was just a teenager mapmaker.
middle school ~ High school student

Currently, I'm 30+ years old (The details are a secret. ^_^). It's amazing to see that the friends I worked with are getting married. (I'm still alone zz)
* zz was mean LOL (korean ㅋㅋ)

This place has memories for me.
I wasn't good at English at the time, so I tried my best to use the translator to find out at least a little bit.
But Google Translate was stupid at the time. lol
Even now, I sometimes use a translator when I see difficult English.
However, the translator has improved a lot, and my English skills have also improved a little. a little...

I don't even know your face, but I know you've been active for a long time.
So nice to meet you. My old friend. I am thankful that there is a place that still remembers me.

I have been living far away from BW. (While playing other games or working or studing...)
Actually, I also played League of Legends more than SC BW. after 2010~
While attending a League of Legends tournament (10 years ago),
I also saw map maker Jintae Kim ([Ragnarok]Valkyrie) He was the referee for my game.

I visited this place in search of memories (Mapdori and Intothemap data were lost T.T)
I'm looking for my data here and there. (memories too)

Currently I am working here. (mapmaking)

I post only myself, but many active mapmaker see it.
(ASL official mapmaker: Earthattack, Waldstein, LatiAs, 4chernar(Achernar), KD_Man(he made 76), KM(he made polypoid), and etc KOR mapmaker)

For your convenience,
I translate the board name.

공식맵 (Official tournament Map)
유저맵 (Self-made map)
타인 제작 맵 (others-made map)
베이스/미완성 맵 (Incomplete maps, or maps that are very old and have little use.)

자유 (freeboard)
자료 (database)
질문/요청 (Q&A)
밀리맵/제작 팁 (Map making tip)

If you have any questions, please write a post here on the board or send an email to

Have a nice day!
modified by TwoS
Nice Logo! I haven't see you a while in BWMN discord server. From recent DM with you, now I can see your art. And I hope to see your great works more in future.

> For now I haven't afford to make maps... :(

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