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Last update for (2)Arc of the Sword : 2007, 02, 21 18:27
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
602 (2)Arc of the Sword 128*96Cyanides1.2final

The map has been rated 67 times and got a total of 78 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Mineral blocking backward entrance: 20
Mineral blocking cliffed expansion: 40
Lol, you've made the gas very important to this map. Anyway i think that you should reduse at least a little the expansion minerals... 40 is 5 workers... Anyway i really like this map! Especialy the backdoor, it will become prety useful i think. I have to play the map. And i will play it with zerg a few times to see how i am gonna deal with this gas situation. Btw you can fix a little the gas issue for more balance.
hm, as terran I'd let the minony-natural aside and just defend at the choke with a few units, while I push through the back entrance towards the grey bridge to the main. Then you'll have to fight a T with 4 gas-expos :/
When the blocking minerals had less value, they would be completely useless
Cliff expantion 2 is unbuildable is it not?? j/w it looks like it anyway other than that hella tight map
Wow i love this map.
i'm sure this map is old, and cyanides probably doesn't even come to this site anymore, but i don't think the map got the attention it deserved.

it easily has one of the most unique and smooth flowing set ups i have seen. I would like to see gas at the nats though.

second entrance route is very tight, but i don't think it hurts toss or zerg too much because they can block it off by occupying the center.
modified by bogmonster
"but i don't think the map got the attention it deserved" sadly few maps do; I find some real jewels that were made long ago that got very little attention.

Gasless nat is part of the map's concept; I think the map is fine. Certainly unique :)
Too tight, gas issue, stop bumping crappy old maps. It happens every second day, and it's unfair to maps that are newly created that deserve to be on the front page for exposure.
I really disagree with the above post. Maps shouldn't be made to be showcased. They're meant to be played.

If this is a good map it deserves all the attention it gets just for being a good map. Poor maps, on the other hand, shouldn't get any attention simply because of the fact that they're new. It's that sort of attitude - the "showcasing" attitude, where map making is simply about seeing who can make the prettiest map - that has hindered this site from putting out as many widely-played maps as it should be (how many are there? You can probably count them on one hand.).

Jesus, that was a rant. Hopefully it makes sense.
the backdoor should be fatal, against Terrans, if they get a tank there, siege it, and kick your eco/gas :/
this would b sad, if he does, while u fight, and dont c it o.O
but the rest looks rly well, only the missing gas ;)

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