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Last update for (4)Innocence Faded : 2007, 09, 02 02:49
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
604 (4)Innocence Faded 128*128SummerSky0.1final

The map has been rated 38 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (4 elements)

Top positions has harder to expand. YOu should sacrifice symmetry a bit to make it even.
Um..Yeah. Thx :)
looks very nice. Have you tested wallins?
Gas-wise, you chose to do it the luna way, where every position needs 4 workers. While I prefer 3-gas everywhere, that's still better than imbalancing it position-wise.
very good, congratulations

perhaps a little problem that the center is little useless, because expos are only in the left and right top and bottom side of the map
maybe you could put an air expansion in the center
Check the gmcs too.
Looks like neo forte somehow. I definetely like it, but the choke imbalance should be updated, as Starparty sugguested.

Balance is more important than symmetry.
Hm, isn't going to be better if he makes the central 4 natural expands with gas, and he remove gas from the 3th expands of all location. Hope you understand me...

The top locations got less room at the entrence then the bottom one. It will be very hard for armyes to get the top locations, espacially in 2v2.

Well the map is nice, but the center is kind of... poor.
if there was a way to balance a hill with equal ramps in all directions, a hill in the center would have completely owned on this map :)
true :/ lets hope for SC2 ^^ We want ramps!
From this game. I see that this map has too much gas :). At least for 1v1 game it's way too much, or it's just too easy to reach. Mayby if you make some of the gas expands air will be more balanced.
ow, don't think its to much gas, 2 extra per player is OK, and if you take the high expansion, you can cliff the gas. looks good imo.
Lol did you play the map? I play 3 times on it and 3 times i was terrran and 3 times i got the resurs for all i want. If you see the replay you will see that terran vs zerg from the begining i have the money for tanks/goliat/vesals with irradiet.This is not very standart for terran to have vesals with so much mashines too! The second gas expand of each player could be placed somehow to be more difficult to get.
Or to be put somewhere that is hard to deffent and easy to attack.

Mayby next game i will make battle crusers too to show you that this map really have plenty of gas :) .
LGI is right, that's really a lot of gas (and minerals too). But Forte and requiem is pretty much the same, (and both are very nice, playable maps) so I don't know. Normally it should be your opponents job to prevent that you can build everything you want, either by killing your expos, or by expanding himself even more. The secound natural is actually not that easy to secure imo.

I really like this map, I hope I'll get to play it too.
yeah, thats what i tried to say, its not to much gas, the gas expansions are cliffable and if your enemy let you expand, he has to react. Nice map btw.
Your Name
Maybe you could do some different terrain/expo or something in the middle, it's the only flaw on this map
Imo you don't need middle expos. Many good maps don't have any (Luna, nosta, LT...pretty much 2/3 of the maps dont have any middle expo..)
You should have "neutral" ones, and they exist, so no problem imo.
the middle terrain rules! (zerg power~!)

also check my gmcs for my opinion on ramp placement

very nice map. I would have no trouble adapting to it and neither would other people (making them more likely to play it)
I kind like the center while i play on this map, because i can do my staff... Making the best unit control that i can do, and there is no wall, clift, doodat to stop me :) . Espacially when i am zerg (i am zerg user) with hidras or protoss with goons.
Lol about tha ramp, boongee is absoliuty right. Look it from the zerg side about the expand and ramp distance and cover. Not to manshion that is hard to enter a base at 2 and 11 o'clock. If a terran got tanks on high ground, he can do more damage while you are getting up.
It has a total NeoForte feel to it and that was planned obviously. I definetely like it, it's a simple map and i think decoration in doodads and terrain took more time than designing the expands.

If you change the ramp, as everyone sugguests (why didn't you notice that? :P), then it' a nice and competitive map. Simple but good.
Change the upper ramps, now. or i will kill all monkeys in the world and say you did it. Really.
Update looks way different then the first version. I think i liked the first version better, but this looks somehow better balanced.

Here *click me* is an article why you should change the gas on your mainbases.

ALso i don't get it why the entrances to each natural are smaller as in the last version (i liked it better there) and why you keep these upper ramps at that position? If you would move the ramps just a bit up, a zerg fast expansion would cover the ramp on every natural the same. Now, still, the lower positions cover the choke perfect, while the upper need some more sunkens... not a big deal ingame, and also not a big deal to fix. A comment would be great ^^ Maybe you really _want_ that imbalance, no idea.

Except that, map looks good.
Ah, and after you want to have it symmetrical. Check the center, on ~ 5 o-clock. The solar array isn't the same there as on every other position ;)
modified :)
i spy nemesis
It is totally not nemesis, okay it is the same tileset... In Nemesis, there is only backdoor expo, two ground expos and two air expos whereas where...

Edit: There is also a big solay array center in both maps. :o
modified by ProTosS4EveR
rofl idiot i mean the shape, the dicks pointing to each other in the middle, and the islands on the side. of course they dont play the same... many maps dont play like azalea but the layout design is still there... nightmarjoo would understand these things
Mixture of Forte/Nemesis.

Looks great!

--LGI vs System5(1on1, 1.13)

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