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Last update for (4)Temple of Eden : 2005, 12, 30 01:14
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
633 (4)Temple of Eden 128*128Listoric1.7final

The map has been rated 80 times and got a total of 139 points


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Comments:   GMCS (5 elements)

Ok, that's what came out of my MD concept. I like the outcome, especially ingame. Enjoy ^^
K small update, added water doodads. Any comments?
as i already said, looks cool. and now it's looking great, too :>

well, the maibases don't fit my design-taste, but this is nothing important.
and look GMCS

the rest is unbelievable good
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Thx ^^ i think about deleting these little temple parts you marked, but they provide more cover to the expansion. But i think about it :)
You could just chop a little bit off the temple walls, just make it so ranged units (siege tanks, mostly) can't land there.
Maybe change the cliff near the expansion to a "choped" cliff again, to prevent tank drops?
Changed it to flos sugguestion, looks better now.
Again some small changes, like island min-blockade and checked buildable ground on islands as well, no floating CC landingzone.
Added OBS version
Plays really well.

I hate chris though, 3 losses in a row make panschk want to kill people :{
yea this plays well. The islands and the hils expand stil needs some tweaking to get the right feel, but its hard to say exactly what. othwerwise me and lis had funny game son this during our quite long gamenight :)
Yeah true, quite good. I like the hills expands a lot, for me they feel really nice.

Still, i got mixed feelings about the map and feel like i have to change something, dunno what exactly. Maybe im just hungry ^^

But, what could i change if i should change something at all?

Maybe to something like that, to open the expansions a bit to prevent terran domination (enough cliffs)? (ruff edit, mainpath works perfect, units only take the sideroute near the min-only)

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Screw that, those paths are only anoying :P
What paths? I play the map already, and it seems fine to. I even like it very much playing it. And i like very much the mineral on the air expand that blocks for a fast terran air exp, without dropship. This is perfect >:) (Well mayby because i play 2v2 on it vs 2 terrans :) )
If you got replays, feel free to upload them :)

What path? the second path on the right mapedge you see when you click on the thumbnail in my last comment post. But i already screwed this idea ^^

So the main change would be, making the mainbases on high ground or not. I think low ground bases are just as good, actually it does not change the map much, neither for good nor worse. (If you can make sure wallins work)
The changes with the temple are bad imo, I prefer the old way (with the cool gas behind mineral thing)
The high ground is 200 times better. otherwise the islands become hillarious since both are taken without any difficutly and the strategical value is lost.
Yeah true, i already dropped the idea posted in te picture. think the map is good as it is, any more comments, flaws, ideas?
Minor changes - now its openable with Staredit without error message
Make the top ramp like the botom 1? :o
actually i thought about that, and that was planned at first. still, the widened ramps look better than these tileset ramps, so i`ll keep it.
Finally! I've made a game over 10 minutes :D. Don't ask what i am doing with the airport. I am a little drunk, and still try to do shits etc... :)
Nice replays. Shows several things i thought of, you all used them well. Yellow took the bath at the mapedge for his scoutRax, you took the double isles as a push path. White Zerg used the upper doubleisles also as Droproute. Really cool 2on2, thx for playing :)


+ fixed tiles on highground center expansions that were lowground instead of highground
+ made some more cosmetic changes
lol, im tired ^^ yellow took a bath somehow yeah, but he definitely took the path at the right mapedge ;)
I add one more replay. From this game i can say that terran have a little advantage. It's kind a too much dropable places for terran. My first expand and my mineral expand. They all have clifts for drops. Ok, thats fine, but at my frist exp with gas, i think you should make a little space behind the minerals so i can place a cannor or sunk, or at least a dragoon can pass to try to kill the tanks. See the replay and the first terran drop to see what i mean. I think it's gonna be more fair and balanced if you make this little space for protection.
I just don't want to comment the second game... I am still nervus about my stupid ally and his fenomenal unit control o_O
LGI, cool you upload so many replays;)

Would be good though if you put "2on2" instead of "1on1" for game mode if it is a 2on2. For 3on3, FFA, compstomp^^, use "other".

Ops, sorry... Anyway here is another 2v2 replay. A laggy game...

And btw from all this game i awayls play ranodom, i a zerg user, but on this map i like to play most with terran. The gamplay of this map reminds me Lost Temple, but i can do many more things at this map.

So my final comment is that this map is really good! Balance, game style, many stratagies. I love play on it. I will be really glad if you fix that i say in my upper comment.
I watch the reps now, thx for playing. In my first edit, there were no cliffs at the natural at all, maybe i change it back to that, or, as you sugguested, add a space. *rep downloadin*
+++ Update +++ 2. November - 16:02 Berlin time ^^

+ removed some doodads that interfered with unit movement

I`m thiking about deleting the cliffs somehow, i post a picture later, want your comments :)
+++ Update +++ 2. November - 16:48 Berlin time :P

+ changed the natural cliffs to "open caves"
+ hopefully the last doodad/terrain/look changes ^^

The "open caves" are still a valuable dropplace, now even for Lurker and Reaver. Also it's easier to defend for every race. That way, Terran shouldn't be favoured that much.

I like this version too. The terran drop will be easy to kill now. Anyway this might be more fair, because it's very easy for terran to push from the air expands. And this might replace the drop zone. So bonus +, bonus - = balance to me :) . They also have another cliff to drop at the 3rd expand, so they still can make their staff :)
very good.
the cliffs had a lot of style, too. but this is clearly more balanced :)
+++ Update +++ 4. November 02:19 Berlin time O_o

+ widened the lower highground expansion

Now, you can build a pylon in front of the nexus, as well as canons in front of the nexus, to cover this expansion.
After LGI is running around and looking for Tank imbalances on every recommended map, i decided to post here that i'm aware of all small tank-possibilities on this map and i'm not changing them. I check every map of my own for such imbalances and also did that here. Still the positions to drop aren't that worthy, because most of them are very easy to prevent or defandable, or just useless. thx ^^
Added two replays. Nothing special, still ncie to watch. Got even better games, but it's a bit uneven between me and Oli, he is out of practice. ;)
This map looks great. I love the Dual Expo Island thing. This map is like perfect for team play. The only problem is that your ally won't always spawn horizontally T_T. I guess you could just keep rehosting until you are...
or make it so ums would start your ally horizontally w/ u.

This map is beautiful. :)
Thx :) Yeah, horizontal is the easiest startup in teamplay here, at least the easiest to take the double islands.
Honstly i aways hate a double air expand, but in this case, i like it a lot, because you can use it for a very tactical element on the map. Mostly with terran ofcourse, hehe :P . But the push from there is great :D
Yeah, it's a good route, you have to be aware of the fact that T could push there as well. STill it's stoppable. Nice usage in the replay btw.
Added more detailed picture %) I`m so proud of this map. Really the best map i created since i create maps for this great game. gogogo :)
Changed it to "recommended picture".
The last replay is crazy :D

2v2 game, 2 T vs 2 Z the zergs ownz the terrans, but they think they are too smart and start killing each other, so then... see for yourself :).
ölö, well the game was really iterresting to minute 23. thx for playing, strange game ^^ :D
i think u should reduce the amount of trees on that map ^^

but anyways.. good map

Really? Haven'T had any problems with pathfinding or similar by now. Maybe someone can prove me wrong on that one, after i only play 1on1. (fuck router)
Hey Realy pretty one =))))))
I uploaded a GG vs ScoutWBF today. We talked about the double isles and that T would have a good chance in taking and securing these expos and P would have to scout these very early.

Short after this discussion we started a match and both thought somehow, that they want to prove the theory, not knowing that the other one thought the same. So, T tries to get that double island while P tries to prevent it. Interesting game, worth a download.

Thx to ScoutWBF for playing :)
No problem.We have to play your map more times without talking about theories before XD
you bastards, you're wise not to tell who has won this game. because if you had, I probably wouldn't watch this rep now :D
well the main point of the game was that terran was just to greedy. it's obvious that you can't secure such a big island at once. there is no wise point in trying to get both expos at once...
if terran had secured "his" side first, with 3-5tanks and turrets preventing drops onto the tanks, he had hold his expo. and pushing/building turrets slowly until reaching the othe rexpo is no problem. but you should do that beside the normal game.
but in this game, terran concentrated ONLY on the doubleexpo, you can see that because he never pressured, never scouted and only saw your minonly once (not to speak of natural/main!).
So it was actually an airmap with only one player (protoss) using groundexpos :P
Yeah I played bad but it was my first game on the map so I dont make a too big thing of it.
true, as said, he tried to raech both expansions fast. Still entertaining ^^

I uploaded another game, 46 minutes, entertaining as well and both players were tired ^^ still gg
btw, I just love to see games on usermaps
I dunno how but they're mostly more entertaining than LT ones :p
True, its much more entertaining. also, you see if the players used the paths and stuff you intended them to. Like here, where you have a path at the mapedge from base to base where dropships can fly to the mains mostly unseen or unreachable. Really cool, i often download various reps. Also thought about something like "the best replays on BWMN usermaps so far" or something :)
God they haven't give their names :(
wow, nice games from zoxxor vs mireille!


--eS-X.starpARTy vs Listoric(1on1, 1.13)
--LGI, Plazma vs Strape, Robb(1on1, 1.13)
--LGI vs ynyfr(1on1, 1.13)
--LGI, Integral vs Play_w1th_me, Xray(2on2, 1.13)
--LGI, sviniata vs Chieftain, s1c(2on2, 1.13)
--Listoric vs sataan668(1on1, 1.13)
--Listoric vs sataan668(1on1, 1.13)
--LGI, ManInBlack vs STI, obicham_qna(2on2, 1.13)
--Listoric vs ScoutWBF(1on1, 1.13)
--Listoric vs ScoutWBF(1on1, 1.13)
-- vs (1on1, 1.13)
-- vs (1on1, 1.13)
--Amroth vs Snail(1on1, 1.13)
--oG)zoxxer vs Micro-Lzuruha(1on1, 1.13)
--oG)zoxxer vs Alias.S.Agentti(1on1, 1.13)
--oG)zoxxer vs [7x]Plumblum(1on1, 1.13)
--oG)zoxxer vs eye.Mireille(1on1, 1.13)
--oG)zoxxer vs eye.Mireille(1on1, 1.13)
--sYz vs eye.Mireille(1on1, 1.13)
--xOr.GaNg[FP] vs oG)Zoxxer(1on1, 1.13)
--xOr.GaNg[FP] vs oG)Zoxxer(1on1, 1.13)

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