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Last update for (2)ParanoidAndroid_B0 : 2006, 12, 02 14:18
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
66 (2)ParanoidAndroid_B0 96*96Forgotten_1.7league

The map has been rated 67 times and got a total of 112 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

this map gives off a bad vibe. I have never won on it. & the big bridge should switched with tthe little bridge so units don't get pwnd on them durrr
you are dumb. this sir, is a masterpiece.
i myself love this map. but it is T > all
i like this map, very good flow
I hate this map. I forgot why though, since I don't play it ever now.
today i lost a zvz here - i forgot to buy over in time. shitmap ^^
<3 this map
Obvious,all of you have a fundamental problem, about how you have to judge a map.Next time when you try to understand a map you have to separate the esthetic level from the game-feature level.

When you talkin' about the esthetic level you must analize the quality of the execution,the look of that map,terrain imbas...

If you talkin' about the gaming level you have to concentrate yourself on what's interesting or new when you will play this map,race imbas...

That means a map could be good in one of this categories and also bad in the other.Just like a cake,it could looks appetizing and taste bad or viceversa.

Paranoid Andr. have exactly this problem.The map have pretty good,maybe unique gaming features nevertheless the execution,the esthetic aspect is rotten,pretty lousy.

Objectiv, this map don't deserve more than 6 points,and because the execution is not well done the map don't deserve her pro-map status.
pray to fry, the allmighty!
It's not Fry(day),yet...hhh!!!
modified by Fry
what are you talking about? this map looks fine
lol boongee
@Nightmarjoo On your first comment you said you hate this map(I think 'cause you don't like something on her) and now on the second you agree with bongee,who said the map is fine.How more spineless you can be.And you people have the guts to talkin' about objectivity??

Give me a break !!!

Panschk should better ask himself if give you admin rights was a good idea.I have some serious doubts.

Now I understand why NastyMarine touch you people just with a coal-pincers
modified by Fry
He said "lol boongee"...

For me, there is NO sign of agreement with what boongee said... He just found it funny Oo
fry does not speak english, give him a break
oh, I forgot that "lol" was old-fashioned, higher-class English.
lol spines, I agree with you. I don't agree with boongee, which is why I'm laughing at him fry -.-
@Spinee You became more and more a spine-bot.What is this the Muppets-show???Evry time I posting a comment you try to piss on my leg.The most of your replys are not really meaningfull,just doggy stuff.Hang it all!!!

And don't be concerned about my vocabulary.I understand very well this gay slang.

@Inept Uiiii!!!What a itchiness.Can you scratch me;a little more please...keep goin'...

@Nightmarjoo I expect(from an admin)to avoid such kind of a ambivalent comments.To say just -lol- is a little poor,don't you think?

What I mean is the ability to deliver a explicit statement, free from ambiguous elements.As a admin you have this duty.I hope you have the capacity to understand what I tryin' to sayin'.
modified by Fry
lol yeah I understand you. oh noes spines please don't become spine-bot!!
"Now I understand why NastyMarine touch you people just with a coal-pincers"

Now i'm alil drunk, so forgive me, but i really dont understand what was said. so Can someone summarize what fry said?
Well, Fry, I don't reply to each of your comments ;)
It's just that you always give comments like "None of you does understand anything, I am greatest. And btw, this is crap"
Your comments really give me the impression that you think of yourself as the best in the world, and if you don't intend this, change it. I think I made that clear several times...
Also, your comments are pretty ungrounded most of the time. You say "this map is good" and "this map is bad", but you never list any aspects or reasons.
The obz link is broken.

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